LAGOS CULT WARS: Four men killed, some beheaded, in fight between ‘cultists’

Lagos, Nigeria



A graphic image surfaced this morning on Twitter showing the aftermath of a fight in the Nigerian capital Lagos in which four men were seen dead, two of them beheaded, in an apparent clash between two groups of ‘cultists’, gangsters who engage in black magic, or ‘juju’, blended with traditional local beliefs.

Alongside a photo collage attributed to ‘InstaBlog9JA’, a Twitter account from Nigeria, Postsubman, which describes itself in its bio as offering ’24/7 latest happenings and entertainment’, said the horrific murders took place on a main road near the Abraham Adesanya Estate in the Lagos district of Ajah.



The photomontage, which is too graphic to reproduce here, shows the lifeless of four men lying on the street. Two had been beheaded, their heads left lying near their torsos. The fourth victim had deep gashes to his head and arms, which appear consistent with that caused by a sharp blade, such as a machete. All the victims had been left at the side of the unidentified street.

Local media stated that the fight between the cultists took place this morning. One resident who is believed to be the original source of the photos of the beheaded victims said that she believed it was a terrorist attack rather than gang warfare, according to an account published of the incident on

The report is as yet fully confirmed, but has horrified observers on social media. Lagos and other major cities in the West African country have long been plagued by ‘cultists’ – members, often young men, of secret societies who operate as gangs with their own rites and colours. Some developed from university societies and have crossed borders into expatriate Nigerian communities living abroad. Many cults engage in criminal activities such as money laundering and street robberies, and are notorious for their savagery. Nigerian newspapers and online media frequently report on the grisly and bloody killings perpetrated by cultists, including decapitations and human sacrifices. Some local residents in Lagos, fed up with the wanton criminality attributed to the cultists and the inaction of Lagos police, have taken to extra-judicial killings of suspected cult members in order to protect their families and communities.



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