UBER EATS: 8 surprising things you can order for takeaway in London

London, United Kingdom



When your average Londoner thinks of takeaway/takeout/carry-out, the first thing that comes to mind might be a cheeky curry, or chow mein, or a big stonking bucket of greasy fried chicken wings with a helpful, waistline-enhancing portion of chips, extra mayo. But surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly given London’s prominence as a world-class culinary hotspot, you can order some unusual foods to try in the comfort of your home or with friends or colleagues at your workplace or other place.

The rapid increase in restaurant and takeaway apps and alongside it, the rise in online food orders, means that hungry diners are now more spoilt for choice than ever before, and the days when it was just korma or fish n’ chips are long over. One of the biggest big hitters to recently enter the fray is Uber Eats, from the same company that brought you taxi rides at the touch of a screen. You can order all sorts of yummy treats on Uber Eats, including some very surprising choices for the discerning diner.

Here are the eight surprising things that you never realised you could get delivered in London, according to the Uber Eats Blog, and exclusively covered by HEM News Agency.


LOBSTER: If you’re no more ‘plaice’ in your stomach for battered cod, you’d be pleased to know that Madison Steak and Lobster in east London’s Whitechapel Road area, also known as ‘Le Madison Steakhouse’ offer exquisite fancy red-shelled crustaceans via delivery. You can order a 1 lb. (500 gram) grilled lobster with home-cut chips, a mixed leaf salad and garlic butter. Basically it’s posh nosh without the pretentious waiter or fussing about what wine goes with it.

BUBBLE TEA: This Taiwanese tea is fuel for Instagram influencers, and Bubbleology, which has three branches in London, can deliver to your door and save you the trip to Chinatown. You can choose different flavours and opt to have your bubble tea filled with taro, lychee, or white peach. Teatime just got really interesting.

CHAMPAGNE: For those who like a bit of classy bubbly, La Cave Wine Boutique from Mews of Mayfair specialise in deliveries of Krug Grande Cuvee champagne for parties when the juice runs dry. It’s a bit pricey, as you would expect. Uber Eats Blog quotes a price of £50 (GBP) for a single delivery.

BIRTHDAY CAKE: Gone are the days when you had to go to the local bakers to pick up your birthday cake and always worry about whether you’d end up dropping the damn thing all over the floor of the No. 86 bus, or even worse, organising a party only to find you’ve forgotten to order it in the first place. Cutter & Squidge, in the fashionable Soho district, are experts in custom-made cakes for delivery, and apart from their luxury cake offerings, can also deliver macarons, biscuits and assorted pastries. Choose from the likes of Raspberry Ripple and Cookies and Cream Whole Dream Cakes for a mouth-watering birthday treat. They will also throw in some candles too.

ICE CREAM: It’s heatwave time every June or July in London, and ice-cream takes on a magical property of desirability that is normally reserved for really valuable stuff like gold bars and sports cars. But picking it up from the local supermarket means a soggy milky gloop once you get home. Fear not, Amorino, a Italian gelato artisan in Westfield’s Stratford City shopping centre, who make flower-shaped ice-creams in flavours like butterscotch and Lotus Biscotti can home-deliver up to 500 grams of that good cold stuff at a time.

CRISPS: Feeling salty ‘cos you ran out of ready salted? HipChips, another speciality enterprise from the bowels of Soho, is London’s new crisps and dips café and bar. So if you want to stretch beyond an emergency bowl of reheated cheesy nachos, have a crunch on HipChips’ fancy chips, made from rare varieties of potato in flavours such as Veggie Ceviche, Katsu Curry, and Smokey Cheese Fondue and are made fresh in-house.

CHOCOLATES: The lazier or busier chocoholic is a lucky one if they’re in London, as Paul A Young Fine Chocolates, which hand-makes award-winning chocolates, truffles, brownies and more in their three central London branches, can at the tap of a screen, send over some real fancy delectables such as milk chocolate bars infused with caramelised almonds and cocoa nibs, to dark and fudgy brownies made from 72% chocolate – basically Lindt on steroids.

CRODOUGHS: The trend for baked goods these days is to treat them like Pokémon, they constantly evolve and power up. The New York fusion of croissant and donut, the ‘cronut’ has now evolved into the ‘crodough’, a take on the cronut conceived by The Rinkoff Bakery, a family-run bakery in Whitechapel. You can order a neat box of these crodoughs in sumptuous and frighteningly posh flavours like Salted Caramel with Pistachio, S’more – Nutella and Marshmallow or Cherry Pie. Jam donuts just sound so ordinary now.



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DISCLAIMER: This article was not promoted by or in conjunction with Uber or Uber Eats. The author chose this article’s subject randomly and Uber Inc. did not play any part other than as a source. No payment in cash or kind was made by any of the parties mentioned in the above article.



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