SELF-HARM IN UK SECONDARY SCHOOLS: Times publishes results

London, United Kingdom

VIJAY SHAH via The Sunday Times


British broadsheet publication The Sunday Times has released publicly the results this morning of a Freedom of Information request it made to 1,500 secondary schools in the country on the causes of self-harm reported among their pupils, HEM News Agency exclusively reports.

The London-headquartered publication, one of the most respected Sunday papers in the UK, sent out a request to 1,500 educational institutions requesting a breakdown of reported reasons for pupils self-harming that were notified to their staff. Out of the number approached, only 167 responded, with many giving more than one reason.


24.8 per cent of self-harm among the surveyed schools’ children were attributed to ‘family issues’. Just over twenty per cent of incidents reported to health and education professionals at the schools researched were blamed on social media. A combined total of 46.4 per cent was attributed to imitation of peers (other pupils), bullying and academic issues, and ’emotional contagion’. Other reasons such as abuse, gender/sexuality issues and eating disorders also factored in but at far smaller number, according to the Times’ research. The research covered incidences of self-harm from the 2011-2012 to the 2016-2017 academic years, which in the UK start in September and end in July. Secondary schools are the British equivalent of high schools and enrol children between the ages of eleven and sixteen.

A second set of data published by the newspaper on their official social media looked at the age and genders of pupils who self-harmed. Females outranked males by three to four times across all age groups, with the most extreme numbers reported among ages 13-15.

According to UK mental health charity YoungMinds, self-harming behaviours affect around one in twelve people with ten per cent of 15-16-year-olds engaging  in these behaviours. In 2018, another British national paper, The Guardian, published statistics showing that more than 100,000 schoolchildren in the country were self-harming, with a fifth to a quarter of fourteen-year-old girls reporting that they had harmed themselves.



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  1. What is the main reason of those mental breakdowns? In teenager, drugs, stress and panic attack are the reason. Some serious psychosis or psychiatric problem also start to show in early aged.

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