WALK THE WORLD: HEMNA editor & blogger to step out for charity


London, United Kingdom



On the 20th June, 2019, the editor and sole reporter/blogger of HEM News Agency, Vijay Shah will be participating in a special charity walk through the streets of central London in aid of World Child Cancer, an NGO that aims to better lives for the 200,000 children diagnosed every year with cancer.

Dubbed ‘Walk The World’ the charity walk-a-thon is held every year in June by international events and publishing company Informa, and colleagues across 43 countries participate in walks of different lengths in aid of local beneficiaries.

Vijay will be participating in the London walk. There are four lengths on offer, the marathon (42 kilometres or 26 miles), 25 kilometre (15.5 mi.), 10 kilometre (6.2 mi.) and the smallest, 5 km. (3 mi.). Vijay will do the 5 km walk and it will be the first time he has participated, as he looks lead a more healthy and active life.

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Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com


Formerly known as the Banana Run, the event enjoys high rates of participation among Informa’s employees. The walk’s official website describes it as: “… an opportunity for Informa colleagues everywhere to spend time together, away from the office, taking part in a walk and raising money for chosen local charities.”

“While the concept is the same all over the world, every location has its own flavour: whether that’s walking through a major city like New York or Singapore, climbing up and down peaks in Hong Kong or Switzerland, hiking through the countryside in Cleveland or Calabasas, or undertaking a marathon-length route in London.”

Last year’s WTW event saw 42,000 km. (25,000 miles) walked, which is much longer than the planet’s equator, and £170,000 was raised for charity. The London walk alone saw 20,000 kilometres walked and around £45,000 raised. The organisers this year plan to hit a fundraising target of GBP £250,000 for all British events.

The London walk for 2019 will offer four set distances, over a combined route that stretches from Rotherhithe in south London to Angel in central London (the starting point) taking in much of the western portions of the city. At the end of the walk, participants will be treated to an after-party.

Vijay is currently gathering funds and sponsors as he gets his trainers and legs ready for June. If you wish to make a donation and spur on HEMNA’s top man, you can make it securely via the following link: https://walktheworld.informa.com/fundraisers/vijayshah/wtw-london

Your kindness is greatly appreciated.



“ABOUT WTW” – Informa Walk the World, Informa https://walktheworld.informa.com/about-wtw

“WALK THE WORLD LONDON” – Informa Walk the World, Informa https://walktheworld.informa.com/event/wtw-london


Negative Space via Pexels.

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