CREATIVE BUSINESS/REVENUE IDEAS FOR NEWSMAKERS: Portugal workshop to guide news ‘bizdev’


Lisbon, Portugal



Founders, directors and business development personnel involved in the news and media worlds are being invited to a special two-day workshop in Portugal that will offer innovative business models and methods to enhance revenue streams in the news-gathering industry.

The event will run from 9 to 10 July and is a special collaboration between the European Journalism Centre and the Google News Initiative, known as the News Impact Academy. This special workshop will leap into the issues and challenges currently facing the industry of newsmaking and will offer expert advice on how to monetise journalism and build up business models that make business sense. There will also be an exploration of innovation in journalism.


To be held in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, the training workshop is a free event but spaces are limited, with only twenty available as of late May. Travel and accommodation are the responsibility of delegates. The News Impact Academy will also aim to choose delegates as to achieve a class of media professionals that is diverse with different skill sets and backgrounds. The final deadline for applications will be June 9th, 2019. The application process is being handled with the co-operation of the International Journalists’ Network.

The News Impact Academy was founded in 2017 to provide media professionals with training on how to become innovation leaders within their news organisations. Its stated ambition is to develop leadership skills and ideation, and runs different events and workshops across the European continent. The Academy revolves around a community of editors-in-chief, audience development managers, business developers, journalists, marketing assistants, product owners, digital editors, founders, and other media personnel based in Europe.



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