PAUL POGBA: ‘Zero intention’ of staying at Man. Utd. club


Manchester, United Kingdom



French international and Manchester United central midfielder Paul Pogba, has stated that he has ‘zero intention’ of staying on at Old Trafford as he mulls a transfer to a top international side on the European continent, according to a sports report published by the British newspaper The Sun.

The football star, aged 26, has been hot transfer talk with Spanish side Real Madrid and Italian club Juventus putting out feelers towards acquiring Pogba. The Sun said that Real was ‘hell-bent’ on signing him up and Pogba felt it was now time to call it quits on the Red Devils. Pogba previously played for Juventus in the 2015 season and joined the English team the year after. The possible transfer fee Real Madrid’s manager Zinedine Zidane is willing to pay for Pogba could run as high as £150 million GBP (€167.7 million/EUR) in order to undercut the counter-offer from the Juve. Real Madrid have said they are considering offering Gareth Bale in exchange for Pogba, the Metro paper claimed on the 7th June.



Belgian player Eden Hazard, who officially joined Real only yesterday for a price tag of £130 million, urged Pogba to join him at the Estadio Bernabeu, as Hazard said he wanted to play ‘amongst the best players’ in the sport, according to The Sun. Earlier this month, Manchester United began holding talks with Juventus about a return for Pogba, who has found his career at Old Trafford to be less than stellar. Critics have blamed Pogba for his part in the team’s recent bad run, with Pogba saying he was being made a ‘convenient fall guy’ for the side’s troubles.



“THEY THINK IT’S PAUL OVER Paul Pogba has ‘zero intention’ of staying at Man Utd with Real Madrid ‘hell-bent’ on beating Juventus to summer transfer” – Jamie Gordon, The Sun/News UK/News Group Newspapers Limited (14 June 2019)


“Pogba” by Hosam Mohamed is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 , Creative Commons

“Pogba” – Hosam Mohamed, Behance (28 July 2016)

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