YEMEN CIVIL WAR: Houthis launch drone attacks on Saudi airports


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

VIJAY SHAH via sources


Breaking news from the ongoing civil war in Yemen, and an incident has been reported via our partner news bloggers at the Ace Worldwide News Group and news sources at Reuters. Houthi rebels fighting the government and allied international forces in the south Arabian country are said to have launched drone aided attacks on two regional airports on the territory of Saudi Arabia, which is leading the anti-Houthi coalition, it has been reported.

Several drone attacks were reported on the Jizan and Abha airports. The Jizan Regional airport, known officially as the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Airport, lies near the town of Jazan, around eighty kilometres from Yemen’s northern border with Saudi Arabia. The Abha facility (Abha International Airport) is in Abha city, the capital of ‘Asir Province, and this airport lies around 150 km. north of the Jizan airport.

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The Houthi movement’s media outlet, Al-Masirah TV, announced the claims of attacks by the group, stating that the ‘installations were out of service’. The incidents are reported to have occurred on Saturday (15 June, 2019). The Saudi-led coalition said it shot down a Houthi-operated drone in the area, according to Reuters, a news agency. They also are said to have intercepted other, earlier, drone incursions from Yemen, with five flying machines spotted in the Abha area and the nearby locality of Khamis Mushait.

The Houthis, who are said to be backed by Iran, claimed their drones targeted the airports’ critical infrastructure, with Jizan’s control rooms and Abha’s fuel station both struck. The Houthis have been launching a series of attacks particularly on the Abha airport since this Wednesday, with one missile attack injuring 26 people there. In May, Houthis orchestrated two drone attacks on Saudi oil pumping stations.

Al-Masirah TV, in confirming the attacks said: “The two airports are now out of service. We promise the Saudi regime more painful days as long as the aggression and siege continue on our country,…”.

The Saudis, along with their Emirati and Western allies, took revenge against the two airport bombings by targeting Houthi military installations in the suburbs of the Yemeni capital Sana’a, which the movement currently occupy, according to Reuters.

International charity Human Rights Watch declared the attack on the airports as a war crime, regional English daily Arab News said. No casualties have been reported from the attack sites, but pictures released by international media show a gutted outbuilding in the grounds of Abha airport.


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“#Breaking144 – Houthi movement launched multiple drone attacks on Jizan and Abha airports in Saudi Arabia, the group’s Al-Masirah TV said on Saturday, adding the installations were out of service – @AceBreakingNews” – #Breaking144 @Breaking144, Ace Worldwide News Group, WordPress (15 June 2019)

“Yemen’s Houthis target two Saudi airports with multiple drone attacks” – Ali Abdelaty, Marwa Rashad, Andrew Cawthorne, Diane Craft and Daniel Wallis, Reuters/Thomson Reuters (15 June 2019)


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