PAPERLESS POST: What’s new – 23/06/2019




The following is a sponsored article, produced in association with Paperless Post.



Paperless Post is the go-to fun and creative website for designing and ordering online invitations, flyers and card for your nearest and dearest. Working with the best designers and artists in the field, Paperless Post brings you a series of brand new offerings to send your greetings and invites in style.

As we just saw the arrival and hurried departure of the summer solstice, with the days now long, sunny and hot, Paperless Post has brought out a series of Summer Entertaining Invitations to announce your summer soiree/BBQ/beers and sports get together. Choose from fresh and summery designs such as Chincoteague, Eureka Bower, Grill ‘Em and Maude’s Pool, brought to you by eminent designers such as Sugar Paper, Hello!Lucky and Mr. Boddington’s Studio.



The company has also launched a new range of Adult Birthday Invitations for the grown-up and discerning birthday guy or gal. Whether it is your 25th, 50th or 60th year orbiting round the Sun, Paperless Post’s new adult birthday range has something up your street. Whether you are looking for something bright and loud, or a more sedate gold-lined traditional option for your online invites, you can find it all there.

If you want to find some inspiration for your next card design idea or project, check out the Paperless Post blog where the current featured articles talk about lucky wedding traditions and keeping it casual with stress-free party ideas that won’t leave you reaching for the gin or chocolates in despair.

Visit and get designing!



“Summer entertaining invitations” – Paperless Post

“Adult birthday invitations” Paperless Post

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