SULLEE J: New music – Clever Chick (Chalak Kuri) ft. Solace




Baltimore-based rapper and lyrical master Sullee J aka Sullee Justice (Suleman Janjua) has long made waves on the music scene with his thought-provoking and real rhymes that have garnered him a global following among alternative hip-hop fans, but outside of his fanbase, it may come as a surprise that Sullee J has another talent up his sleeve – he also has released a number of tracks geared towards the ‘desi’ – South Asian scene.

Of Pakistani (South Asian) origin himself, Sullee has already released a number of songs in the Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Farsi languages and has dropped a wicked selection in remixes of songs by many legends of the Indian subcontinent and across wider Asia’s music hall of fame, including Guru Randhawa, Tabesh and Arijit Singh.

His latest release, which went live on the 21st June, 2019, is the bhangra-flavoured summer jam ‘Clever Chick’, also known by its Punjabi title ‘Chalak Kuri’. With its hefty clash of hip-hop, this is the track that has got everyone talking. Clever Chick features Washington, DC Punjabi music producer Solace Nerwal of Red Suit Waliye and Hik Da Taweet fame, who provides the lyrics and music, with Sullee J lending his dope rapping skills on the mic. This is a collaboration of two very different musical styles that come together seamlessly and epically, something that many bhangra producers have experimented with over the course of the past two or so decades.

The video for Clever Chick is a lyrics on screen production, perfect for the bhangra karaoke singers out there, with a nicely retro blue and purple neon background reminiscent of the old UK game show Catchphrase. It is all about that perfect girl, stunning but with a innocuously devilish side, who wins you over with her daring personality and powerful femininity, to create the urban Bollywood love story from the streets.

Clever Chick (Chalak Kuri) by Solace and Sullee J is now available at all the usual major outlets, including YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify.



@SolaceNerwal @SulleeJustice



Sullee Justice.

xxsulleexx, YouTube GB


$imSima/Sullee J/Solace Nerwal.

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