AN AFRICAN ALIBABA OF CORRUPTION: Seven S. African police arrested for reselling illegal goods


Johannesburg, South Africa

VIJAY SHAH via News24/Daily Maverick


Seven police officers in the South African city of Johannesburg have been arrested after they were found to be seizing goods from illegal traders, and then profiting from reselling the confiscated items back to the traders in question, a report by the Daily Maverick states.

After an operation in the city’s central business district recently in which illegal traders were caught and made to turn over their stock, the seven officers from the South African Police Service, which included a ‘warrant officer’, four constables and two members of the force’s Tactical Response Team allegedly tried to resell the goods, many of them unsafe and counterfeit, back to the people they were seized from.


The offending officers were apprehended by colleagues from the Crime Intelligence division and the Anti-Corruption Unit at the Johannesburg Central police station, according to a statement from the offices of the South African Police Ministry and the premier of Gauteng province, in which Johannesburg lies. The report, published by the Daily Maverick and originally written by News24, said that the officers were being charged with corruption and defeating the ends of justice.

Two of the detained service personnel are also accused of leaking information on the planned raid on illegal traders in the city, popularly known as ‘Jo’burg,’ home to around 957,441 people and which is South Africa’s biggest urban area.

The official statement said: “The two were linked through investigation and an eyewitness account. Police believe the loot found in the 46 vehicles in the basement parking at Lister Building could be the cargo that was removed the night before after the illegal traders had received a tip-off,… “

The Gauteng police commissioner, Elias Mawela, congratulated his staff in catching their bent colleagues and reassured the public by saying “We certainly hope that the arrest of seven of our own will prove to the people of Gauteng that we are serious about eradicating crime, even if it means arresting our own. No one is above the law.”



Vijay Shah { ΰ€΅ΰ€Ώΰ€œΰ€― }, Twitter, Twitter Inc.

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“Seven Johannesburg police officers were arrested by their colleagues on charges of corruption and defeating the ends of justice after they were caught allegedly trying to sell confiscated goods back to illegal traders.” – News24, Daily Maverick (8 August 2019)


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