‘HERO DAD’: Man murdered protecting shoppers from knife assailant


London, United Kingdom



A father-of-one who was attacked with a knife by a thug outside a corner shop in south-east London has died from his injuries, in what the UK newspaper Metro described as a ‘a tragic and pointless waste of life’, it was reported today morning.

Dennis Anderson was returning from a couple of birthday parties he was attending, when he came across the knifeman, named as Jahmel Riley, bothering customers for free cigarettes outside the Payless Food and Wine convenience store in the district of Dulwich.

An altercation developed between Anderson and Riley, when the father called out the young man on his behaviour. Anderson was said to have asked: “Why are you asking for cigarettes? Why don’t you get a job like the rest of us? What are you poncing or begging for?”


Riley, unbeknown to Anderson, was carrying a foot-long ‘Rambo’ machete-type knife concealed in his trousers. Riley blocked the doorway of the shop, preventing Anderson from vacating the store. A fight between the two men broke out, and it was reported that Riley then produced the blade and swung it at Anderson in an ‘over the shoulder cricket bowling action’.

Both men fell to the ground and the fight then travelled to the pavement outside the shop. The killer then slashed Anderson’s neck with the knife, severing his carotid artery and jugular vein at the same time, causing the father to bleed to death in the street.

At the trial of Jahmel Riley, held in London’s Old Bailey court yesterday, presiding judge Nicholas Hilliard QC told jurors: “We see and hear a lot about knife crime these days, and if ever a case demonstrated what can happen when people carry knives it is this case.’

‘What might otherwise have been a verbal disagreement becomes a murder case because the defendant was carrying that terrible weapon.”

An impact statement from Dennis Anderson’s partner Leeanne Manzi was read out in the court by a prosecutor. In it, Manzi said: “Dennis was a gentleman with old school manners.’

‘He could be commanding just with his voice and he did have an air of authority about him.’

‘In some ways I think that is what Dennis was doing the night of his death, trying to be protective over everyone in the shop.’

‘I used to hear about someone being stabbed or killed but I never thought it would happen to us.”

The couple had a teenage daughter together, who was described has having lost one parent and now has seen her other parent being left ‘broken’.

In his defence, Riley claimed to have confiscated the Rambo knife from a group of local youths earlier in the day and had not yet gotten round to disposing of it. Judge Hilliard however rubbished Riley’s alibi, saying to the defendant that he had carried the knife with him intending to use it as a lethal weapon if the situation arose.

The judge decided to place a charge of murder on Jahmel Riley and ordered him be sent to the cells to await final sentencing Tuesday next week, Metro reported. He smirked as the judge’s decision was announced.



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