FCO VIRTUAL TOUR: See inside a foreign affairs hub


London, United Kingdom



The United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), a governmental ministry that promotes and protects the country’s interests across the globe, has launched a special virtual tour to help the public get a better view of the agency and what it does, HEM News Agency exclusively reported today.

The FCO, created from a merger of two separate government departments in 1968 and currently headed by the Secretary of State Dominic Raab, announced the launch of the 360-degree virtual look-around of its offices in Whitehall, central London, on its Twitter account.


The interactive tour, similar to the 360-degree views offered by the likes of Google Street View and others, enables visitors to explore the FCO’s elegantly-designed rooms and decor in both its London headquarters and also British ambassadorial premises in world locations such as Paris, Vienna, Istanbul and Rome. The tours also come with accompanying videos and podcasts which tell the story of British diplomacy and foreign relations, as well as the FCO’s own heritage through its art, architecture, history and diplomacy. Art and architectural experts narrate the history of each room as you look around and the tour is clearly signposted as you move along.

The immersive experience was launched as part of the FCO’s contribution to the Open House event held in London every year in September. This year, Open House will run from the 21st to the 22nd next month, in which the FCO HQ will throw open the doors to the public. Highlights include the Grand Staircase and the Durbar Court, built for the former colonial India Office, which was the control room for the old ‘British Raj’, in the Asian subcontinent.

The FCO Virtual Tour can be visited and experienced at blogs.fco.gov.uk/fco-virtual-tour/



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