CHROME’S LASER CAT: It’s the (laser) eye of the kitteh


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As everyone knows, the main purpose of the internet these days is for endless offerings of cat videos, cat memes and people talking about cat stuff, and now the popular Chrome browser, developed by technology giant Google, now offers feline fans a unique opportunity to own their very own kittie, even if they live in a pets-free apartment, and this crazy cat shoots lasers from its eyes. How cool is that?!



As HEM News Agency exclusively reports, last week Chrome launched a new extension, their version of a browser add-on, which enables users to add a cute little smoky grey British Shorthair cat to their Google start page. Officially named ‘Laser Cat for Google and Youtube’, the extension’s cat, which has starred in innumerable memes sweeping the web, is the star of the concept thought up by developer Marco Montana and has already gained nearly a thousand users since its launch on 22 August 2019. The extension, like all of Chrome’s offerings, was made available on Google’s Chrome Web Store for free as part of their extensive portfolio of add-ons and themes made available for download to their millions of users worldwide.

In common with a lot of cats, Laser Cat does not do much, but when you are bored or need to vent some frustration (or give yourself a few laughs), it can shoot lasers out of its eyes at any target you choose. The extension can be used on both Google and its subsidiary, YouTube. Marco’s pet is not the first kitty extension to do this, with other versions having appeared last year, and laser cats have also been used on Chrome’s rival, Firefox (laser foxes, anyone?), and does seem utterly pointless, but it is good wholesome four-legged electric fun nonetheless. We all know how fun it is to tease a pet cat with a laser pointer. Now they have been blended together for even more online antics. And you won’t have to hoover cat hair off your keyboard afterwards. Just the crumbs from that breakfast bagel.



College Jungle, Facebook, Facebook Inc.

Laser Cat for Google and Youtube, chrome web store


“Brown Cat With Green Eyes – Free Stock Photo” – Kelvin Valerio, Pexels (11 October 2017)


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