HOMES FOR BENGAL CATS: New owners urgently needed for 30 cats from Cheshire


Liverpool, United Kingdom



Animal charities in the northern English region of Delamere Forest in Cheshire county are urgently seeking new owners for a gang of more than thirty Bengal cats and their kittens after their original guardian, an elderly woman, suffered life-changing injuries in a car crash, the newspaper Liverpool Echo reports.

An association for owners of the distinct stripey breed of cat, the Bengal Cat Association, posted an urgent appeal on Facebook to rehome the band of real-life Cheshire Cats, according to local news website Cheshire Live.

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The post said: “We have been made aware of a large number of Bengals in need of forever homes or foster homes whilst forever homes are found.

‘The elderly owner has been involved in a serious road traffic accident and is unlikely to gain her independence again.’

‘The Cats Protection have taken some but there are still about 30 Bengals left including a number of young litters.’

‘If you feel you have the time and space to offer one or two of these cats a permanent or temporary home please contact us directly by messenger or email’

‘Please note at the moment we have limited information and are just collecting details of people who are willing to help.”

The Bengal Cat Association’s social media post has been shared by visitors more than 200 times and has received hundreds of comments from people willing to help offer the unfortunate pets a new roof over their heads.



“Homes needed for 30 gorgeous cats after owner has life-changing car crash” – Cheshire Live, Gemma Sherlock & Jonathan Humphries, Echo/Reach plc (14 September 2019)





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