TIED UP WITH A HANDKERCHIEF: OAP in her 90s burglarised in Beau-Bassin


Beau-Bassin, Mauritius



A Mauritian elderly woman in her nineties has recounted the day she was attacked by a burglar in her own home who proceeded to tie her up in a traumatic robbery in the town of Beau Bassin, national French-language news company Defimedia.info reported today.

The nonagenarian, identified in the original article by the pseudonym ‘Monique’, was at home on a Saturday night, the 14th September 2019, when she came face-to-face with a young woman on her property, who was said to have been armed with a blade. The intruder then was said to have forced Monique into a bedroom, tying her hands together with a handkerchief before pillaging her home, where Monique had lived for decades.

red paisley handkerchief on gray and white table
Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com


Frightened but brave, Monique began shouting for help, scaring off the burglar. Police were also notified and the local CID (criminal investigation department) is currently investigating the robbery, which occurred just twelve kilometres (7.4 miles) from the Mauritian capital Port Louis.

Talking to Defimedia.info, Monique recounted the encounter with the burglar: “I have lived here for 40 years and have never had a problem. The neighbourhood is rather quiet,’

‘It was the afternoon. I was outside. I closed the gate to return to the house,’

‘Someone pushed me in the back as I closed my door. I turned around and, to my astonishment, I saw that she was a young woman, at least twenty years old. She lives in the community, 

‘She forced me to come to the room. She held me by both arms”

The burglar told the 98-year-old woman that she wanted her valuables. The crook then took a handkerchief that Monique had lying on her bed and tied her hands together behind her back. Despite Monique’s protestations that she had no money or items of value, the young woman forced Monique to lie with her head underneath the bed. The criminal then left the bedroom, with Monique remembering that everything became quiet. The elder began shouting for help, which then frightened off the would-be thief.

Neighbours heard the shouting and immediately rushed to Monique’s aid. She was freed from her bindings, and fortunately suffered no serious injuries, save for some redness from where her wrists had been bound. Her house was thankfully not looted, save for the contents of her fridge. Despite the incident, Monique was said in the report to have remained lucid and was able to talk about what happened with police investigators and journalists. Police in the Coromandel area as well as Monique’s relatives were informed. An investigation is ongoing.



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Steve Johnson/Pexels.


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