HERO ESSEX: Firefighters save life of Cornwall heart attack victim


Pentewan, United Kingdom

VIJAY SHAH via APRIL ROACH/Ilford Recorder


Two firefighters from the English county of Essex have been hailed as heroes after they saved the life of a man suffering from a heart attack while they were on holiday in the Cornish Riviera, south-west England, the Ilford Recorder reports.

Kel and Laura Watson-Finch, a married couple and firefighters posted at Hainault and Romford fire stations in west Essex were on a break and soaking up the sun at Pentewan beach, near the village of Pentewan, with their family when they saw a male tourist get into difficulties. The man, in his fifties, was tending to his boat when he collapsed and fell into shallow water at the beach.

photo of firefighter beside building
Photo by Mandie Inman on Pexels.com


The Watson-Finchs, who work for London Fire Brigade rushed to the man’s side and kickstarted their first aid training, which they learnt as part of their job.

“We checked for a pulse and tried talking to him but we had no response,” said Kel, speaking to the Recorder.

“He was showing signs of agonal gasp and we couldn’t find a pulse so we took it in turns to do CPR.”

“We acted purely by instinct with what we saw.

‘The gentleman coming round and showing signs of life showed a positive outcome which is all we could hope for.”

Another firefighter, Shaun Bishop, who also was on the beach on holiday at the time, saw what the Watson-Finchs were doing and also came to help. He assisted in CPR on the victim until local paramedics and an air ambulance arrived to take the man to hospital in the nearby town of Truro. Bishop was later able to visit the man as he was recuperating and was thanked heartily by both the man and his partner.



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Mandie Inman/Pexels.

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