CASHDA & CARRY: UK supermarket chain to open bulk buy warehouse


Ilford, United Kingdom



British supermarket giant Asda is planning to open a cash and carry warehouse for shoppers to buy their groceries in bulk without special membership fees, according to reports in retail magazine The Grocer, and revealed by national tabloid The Sun yesterday.

The Asda chain, which has 630 stores and 180,000 employees in the UK, currently sees more than 19 million customers visit their shops every week and is famed for its low prices and bargains. Headquartered in Leeds, West Yorkshire, the company is owned by American supermarket firm Walmart.


The new cash-and-carry warehouse will stock ‘everyday essentials’, staple shopping items in pack sizes much bigger than those stocked in the normal shops Asda maintains, as well as a range of ‘Sam’s Club’ products from Asda’s parent company in the US, according to a supplier brief from the company seen by The Grocer.

While the possible bulk-buy warehouses project is still in the planning stage, Asda plans to open the first cash-and-carry at its site in Patchway, Bristol on the 28th November 2019, The Sun said. The new warehouses will operate separately from the main Asda network with its own brand name and facilities.

In the brief, the retailer said: “The range will be constructed to make the store feel like a blend of the best of Sam’s USA and Costco.

“The customer can complete a full shop of everyday essentials whilst having the opportunity to purchase highly impulsive and differentiated items at a great price.”

An Asda spokesman told The Sun: “In the current competitive market it is more important than ever to respond to changing customer needs and the key to this is to innovate and to test new ideas.

“We have already launched some exciting trials this year and we’ll always be sure to let our customers know when there’s something new to look forward to.”



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