LONDON EXTINCTION REBELLION PROTESTS: Belgian princess among hundreds arrested


London, United Kingdom

VIJAY SHAH via Sky News


Eco-activist collective Extinction Rebellion recently began a month-long wave of protests and sit-ins in major cities around the world to protest government inaction on climate change. In London alone, more than 500 protesters have been arrested by the city’s police as they brought an airport and major central city locations to a standstill, with one of the arrested said to be a princess of the Belgian royal family, according to Sky News.

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Princess Esmeralda yesterday tweeted a photo of her official police arrest document, with her name listed as ‘Esmeralda de Belgique’ (Esmeralda of Belgium) which stated she was now under investigation and had been released without charge. Extinction Rebellion said the royal was arrested at a protest in Camden, central London and was subsequently brought to Camden Police Station for processing. She also commented on the social platform: “…along with many other protesters I was arrested and put in police custody. The climate emergency calls on all of us to pressure out governments to act with urgency.”

Esmeralda is the aunt to Belgium’s current reigning monarch Belgian King Philippe. She is a resident of London and works as a journalist, author and documentary maker.

Police in London have invested considerable manpower into clearing protests out of areas not designated by them and have arrested hundreds of protesters, many of whom glued themselves to vehicles and buildings. Officers were brought in from as far as Wales and Scotland to bolster the number of officers dealing with the month-long action. Although Extinction Rebellion have been given permission to carry out protest action in Trafalgar Square, protesters in other locations had refused to budge, leading to many of them being detained.



Anthony Vickers/BREAKING LATEST – NEWS NETWORK <<<BLNN>>>/Sherrie Bachell, Facebook.

“Belgium’s Princess Esmeralda arrested in London’s Extinction Rebellion protests” – Sky News (12 October 2019)


Vincent M.A. Janssen/Pexels.

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