SULLEE J: 47 – Sidhu Moose Wala, MIST, Sullee J, Solace Nerwal & Steel Banglez


Baltimore’s legend on the mic Sullee J (Sullee Justice) has returned to the stage for a new collaboration with esteemed Washington, D.C.-based Punjabi music producer Solace Nerwal and a host of other musical talents for the latest hit single, dubbed simply ’47’.

A fresh remix of one of the hottest Punjabi songs on the market right now, 47 sees Sullee and Solace team up with desi artists Sidhu Moose Wala, MIST and Steel Banglez to drop a track that has been described by its creators as having “pure fire and energy the whole way”. This belter is guaranteed to have you on your feet and dancing like you don’t know it the whole way through.

A heady blend of traditional Punjabi bhangra music and East Coast hip-hop, 47 is perfect for a desi/Indian-themed club night or just hanging out with friends. 

Released on October 25th, 2019, the remix is the third product of the Sullee-Solace collab, which has produced some fire tracks setting dancefloors ablaze across the world, and it is going to be an interesting one to follow in the next few months or years. 47 The Remix is now available for download free from ReverbNation, as well as free listening on YouTube and here at HEM News Agency too.



Sullee J and Solace Nerwal.


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