WELCOME TO SEVEN KINGS: HEM News Agency launches in new location


Ilford, United Kingdom



Your favourite news blog and online magazine HEM News Agency has moved premises down the road from our old location in Ilford town centre to the neighbouring area of Seven Kings.

The office (and house) move was finalised on the 19th October 2019. The blog had to leave its old address after chief blogger and editor Vijay Shah was served with a section 21 notice of possession to vacate his then house share before the 11th December. After a frantic and stressful search for a new place to live and blog from, we secured a new workspace, and the move was finally completed last weekend.

HEMNA is now based a short walking distance from High Road, Seven Kings, Ilford, which has plenty of shops, restaurants and the Seven Kings TfL Rail station all within easy reach.

The new ‘office’ has its very own access to a small but quiet back garden in a clean house with some modern amenities and contemporary fittings, and we look forward to continuing our service of disseminating the top stories in today’s busy and constantly changing world. We have certainly come a long way since we were established in Stratford, Newham, in east London seven years ago.


woman in grey shirt holding brown cardboard box
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

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