WOODBERRY DOWN STABBING: Person attacked in robbery; stabbed


London, United Kingdom

VIJAY SHAH via SAM GELDER/Hackney Gazette


A Hackney, east London, man was today reported as a victim of a stabbing after a robbery on the Woodberry Down Estate near the Seven Sisters Road, according to local paper the Hackney Gazette.

The man, described as a ‘young’ teenager (aged nineteen years) was accosted by robbers on the estate on Saturday (yesterday) afternoon. The criminals slashed him with a knife. Police were called to the junction of Woodberry Grove and Devan Grove at 4.40pm (GMT) where they found the victim. He was sent to hospital, police said, and is currently undergoing urgent medical attention as his injuries have been described as ‘life threatening’.

No-one has been arrested yet in connection with the Woodberry Down stabbing and enquiries are ongoing.



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