WADA RUSSIA SPORTS BAN?: Int’l agency recommends sports ban over doping controversy


Moscow, Russia

VIJAY SHAH via Sputnik


The international organisation in charge of protecting the integrity of Olympic athletes against the use of performance-enhancing drugs, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has issues recommendations that the Russian Federation (Russia) from applying to host any global sporting competitions for the next four years over an ongoing doping controversy involving the country, Sputnik News reported via Ace Breaking News late yesterday.

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It was also announced that despite the potential of a ban against Russia hosting events, athletes from the country who are found to be ‘clean’ and with drug-free history would still be allowed to participate in events such as the Olympics, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the WADA’s Compliance Committee announced.

The recommendations follow a recent controversy over alleged tampering of data from athlete samples at a laboratory in Moscow. The IOC has said it does not believe the Russian Olympic Committee had anything to do with the alleged tampering and has asked the country’s government to hand over the raw samples directly to WADA and investigate the incident with the laboratory data.

The IOC warned that all those involved in the laboratory scandal will face the strongest possible sanctions. In a statement quoted by Sputnik, it said: “The IOC condemns in the strongest terms the actions of those responsible for the manipulation of the Moscow Laboratory data before it was transferred to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in January 2019. This flagrant manipulation is an attack on the credibility of the sport itself and is an insult to the sporting movement worldwide,”

WADA passed its recommendations this past Monday. In addition to the hosting ban against Russia, it was also stated that the Russian Federation also be stripped of the right to fly its national flag at sporting competitions. A similar ban actually occurred during the 2018 Winter Olympics, when Russian athletes were made to compete under the distinctive Olympic ‘five rings’ flag instead of the Russian tricolour.



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