SULLEE J: Lyrics Unknown ft. Solace Nerwal


The Baltimore lyrical superhero of justice, also known as Sullee Justice (Sullee J) has had a number of riveting and just downright playable bhangra collaborations this year with the Washington-based musician/producer Solace Nerwal, with only a couple of weeks passing since they last linked up at the recording studio.

But now the ‘Desi Duo’ are back, and as is to be expected, they’ve pulled out a stunning new banger with a very anonymous sounding title, or mysterious maybe. Who knows? Anyways the musical lads have met once again and released their latest single, entitled ‘Lyrics Unknown’.

Lyrics Unknown is a clash between hip-hop and Punjabi beats, reflecting the musical heritages of Sullee and Solace. To celebrate, Solace has released a lyrics video on his YouTube channel so you can sing along. This brand new single is guaranteed to make you feel the vibe and put you in the zone.

The single is available for download on Spotify, Apple Music and more. Get it while you can.




Sullee Justice.

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