CROOKHOOK: Police acquire new weapon against fleeing criminals on the road


Wilbraham, United States

VIJAY SHAH via Digital Trends


When faced with a lawbreaker on four (or two) wheels and on the run, police forces have a number of devices and techniques at their disposal to stop criminals in their tracks. They can shunt the fleeing vehicle physically off the road, employ a ‘stinger’ to shred up the crook’s tyres, or call in backup to enact a road block.

Now, in this video brought to you courtesy of Digital Trends, U.S. police have a new trick up their sleeves, or attached to their patrol units actually, to aid in the fight against crime. The device, called a Crookhook, ends police car chases without causing harm to cop, criminal, or innocent bystander.

The Crookhook attaches to the front bumper and consists of two hooks facing upwards which can move. When a car chase occurs, the device is lowered and literally hooks under the runaway vehicle’s back bumper and frame, bringing the wayward criminal to a halt, and ensuring safety on our roads.

The simple, yet effective technology, was developed by a small niche eponymous company based in Wilbraham, in the US’ Massachusetts state. It acts as a 4,000 lb. (1.81 metric ton) anchor to bring the suspect’s car under control and apprehend criminals more safely at a time when one in every 100 American police high-speed pursuits end in a fatality.



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“CROOKHOOK PRESS RELEASES” – High Speed Pursuit Demonstrations…

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