REYKJANES RIDGE QUAKES: Two tremors reported overnight in Iceland


Reykjavik, Iceland



Two earthquakes of magnitude 3.3 were reported from Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula near the capital Reykjavik on Friday morning, according to the country’s version of the Met Office, and relayed in English by the Iceland Monitor site.

The peninsula, also known as the Southern Peninsula, or locally as Reykjanesskagi, is just ten kilometres from Reykjavik, and is home to around 25,000 people – one of Iceland’s most densely populated regions.

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According to local seismologists, the first quake had its epicentre 26.5 kilometres (16.4 miles) southwest from the locality of Eldeyjarboði. The second was situated 32.6 km (22.5 mi.) south-south west of the same area.

The two tremors follow in the heels of another three in the peninsula that happened on Wednesday afternoon this past week. These earthquakes too measured above 3 on the Richter scale, occurring in a 5 kilometre (3.1 mile) radius of the fishing town of Grindavík, on the southern coast of Reykjanesskagi.

No injuries or casualties were reported by the Iceland Monitor or the country’s meteorological services.



Sherrie Bachell/Facebook.

“Two Earthquakes on Reykjanes Ridge Overnight” – Vala Hafstað, Iceland Monitor/Árvakur hf. (24 January 2020)


Matt Hardy/Pexels.


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