SLOWCOKE: Mauritian man disgusted by snail in his soft drink


Dagotière, Mauritius

VIJAY SHAH via Vecret


A shopper living on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius got an unexpected free gift with a bottle of fizzy drink he purchased last weekend, a little snail floating dead at the top. According to an unconfirmed report published by local news aggregator Vecret, the man, named only as Dev, had gone to a local store to buy a 1-litre bottle of Coca-Cola in the village of Dagotière, around 8 km. (4.9 miles) south-east of the Mauritian capital, Port Louis.

Upon returning home, Dev, who had recently partaken in celebrations for the Tamil Hindu festival of Thaipusam Kavadee, discovered a beige fleshy mass, later identified as a snail, floating at the top of the sealed carbonated beverage. The incident was said to have occurred last Saturday (8 February).



According to Vecret, the experience of finding the floating mollusc in his Coke left Dev feeling nauseous and disgusted. The horrified man then published pictures of the drink with its attendant slimy concierge on Facebook and reached out to Vecret, who also published the photos.

When asked for more details, Dev told the site he would be retaining the drink, but does not know how he will file a complaint.

As with many other countries around the world, Coca-Cola and other soft drinks manufacturers have their products bottled locally. In the case of Mauritius, cans and bottles of cola are packaged by PhoenixBev, which is the company behind popular local beer, Phoenix, named after the town PhoenixBev is located in.



Washim Baulum/Facebook.

“Dagotière: il découvre un escargot dans sa bouteille de Coca Cola” – Vecret (15 February 2020)


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