CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Covid-19 spreads to more countries


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The spread of the novel human coronavirus (Covid-19) is now reaching epidemic proportions with more than 100,000 infections and around 3,500 deaths reported worldwide, and the infection has been reported for the first time in several new countries and regions, according to Twitter.

Around 56,000 patients have been discharged from hospitals globally after coming into contact with the virus, said to have originated at a seafood market in the city of Wuhan in China. Peru, Bhutan and the Vatican City have all reported their first infections of Covid19, while in China, the epicentre of the virus, infection rates have begun to slow down, but are picking up pace in Europe, Iran and the U.S.

South Korea is now the second-most infected country after China, with Covid-19 spreading the fastest in Italy. There are fears the disease could lead to a global recession as businesses and stock markets take a hammering as consumers are put off trading and travelling due to fears of becoming sick. In the UK, the regional airline Flybe went into administration after a massive budget shortfall caused in part by declining uptake of flights because of coronavirus. According to the United Nations the global decline in aviation activities caused by Covid19 could cost USD $50 billion (GBP £38.3 billion), cited QuickTake by Bloomberg.



The United States has now confirmed cases in at least 21 states, with California and Washington on the west coast the most affected.

Cameroon, Colombia, Costa Rica, Serbia and Slovakia also reported their first cases yesterday, according to Global Health Strategies, a health communications agency. South Korea’s confirmed cases have risen to almost 6,800, and Japan has passed a law ordering immediate two week quarantine periods for anyone visiting the country from China and South Korea, as its tourism industry takes a battering and is forced to go into survival mode. Yesterday, Korean news agency Yonhap reported that the country 483 fresh cases, pushing their total infected numbers to 6,767.

In the Middle East, Iran has borne the brunt of Covid19, with the death toll there reaching 120 and travel between cities in the country heavily restricted. Yesterday alone, 1,234 new cases and 17 deaths were reported, bringing the total number of infected to more than 4,700, according to Al Jazeera reporter Ali Hashem. New cases have also been reported in Iraq and Palestine, where the pilgrimage town of Bethlehem has been closed off for foreign tourists.

In Europe, the UK has reported officially 116 cases and two deaths, both elderly patients. France now has 613 cases under observation, and the death toll in Italy has reached the 200-mark, according to Reuters, a news agency. The agency reported that the Italian government has ordered all sporting events in the country to take place behind closed doors and without fans in attendance to minimise the virus spreading. In the Americas, the US death toll has now reached seventeen, with 51 cases across the border in Canada. PAHO has confirmed 189 cases across Latin America and the Caribbean. The United States agency in charge of infection control, the CDC has shipped out 900,000 coronavirus testing kits yesterday alone, with another million due to be circulated next week, according to an official at a recent White House press conference on the virus.

Africa has so far escaped the brunt of the impact from Covid19, but there at least eight countries have confirmed cases, with Egypt and Algeria most affected. The World Health Organization has urged people to observe proper hygiene practices and avoid spreading rumours about the virus.



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