CYBER RAPID RESPONSE TEAM: Six European nations team up to fight cybercrime


Vilnius, Lithuania

VIJAY SHAH via Lithuania Tribune


Six European countries have joined forces to establish a Cyber Rapid Response Team (CRRT) of experts to give them a united upper hand against the increasingly powerful impact of cyber crime on the continent, the Lithuania Tribune reported this past Friday.


Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia, Poland, the Netherlands and Romania have pooled resources against pervasive cyber threats by forming the CRRT which will act as a ‘rapid response’ facility based over several locations, and will immediately kick into action in the event of a major cyber attack on online systems. The CRRT was announced officially in a press release issued by the Lithuanian defence ministry, and will be composed of both civilian and military cybercrime and cyber warfare experts. The team will be able to tackle threats both virtually and physically, the Tribune said.

Lithuania’s minister of national defence, Raimundas Karoblis, told the Tribune: “Every state faces cybersecurity challenges, we have to join forces because cyber warfare is ongoing and it knows no borders. It is also a concrete and clear example of EU countries contributing to a stronger European defence and supporting NATO defence and deterrence measures by non-military means.”

The CRRT, of which there may be several across the six participating nations, will liaise closely with the European Union and also assist in carrying out cyber-vulnerability assessments and distribution of ideal online best practice policies and unite different technologies and human based resources to fight off threats through the web.

The agreement establishing the CRRT program was signed off in the Croatian capital Zagreb recently and was observed by representatives from Belgium, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Slovenia and Finland. These seven countries are planning to themselves join the program sometime in the near future, the Lithuania Tribune stated.



“Cyber Rapid Response Team established by six EU countries” – Lithuania Tribune (5 March 2020)

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