COVID19 EMERGENCY: New powers for police to detain infected


London, United Kingdom



As the coronavirus epidemic in the UK reaches 1,200 cases with 21 deaths as of yesterday, police in the country have now been giving sweeping powers to detain anyone found to be a carrier of the novel coronavirus, national online newspaper i reports this past Saturday.

Emergency laws to combat the spread of the virus were ushered in this weekend as the Conservative government struggled with the rapid rise in cases. Large gatherings over more than 500 people, such as festivals and concerts, are to be banned and police and immigration officials have now the ability to detain for a ‘limited period’ people who are suspected of being ill with the virus, which originated in Wuhan, China, and which has spread rapidly across Europe, said the Times newspaper.

The emergency laws could last as long as two years, the Times said, and will also affect the ability of schools and nurseries to remain closed when and if the outbreak becomes more serious. Ports can also be closed down by government decree in order to protect border officials from contracting COVID-19.

man in officer s uniform black standing during parade
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Sherrie Bachell/Bonnie Kay/Facebook.

“Coronavirus in the UK: Police to get powers to detain people suspected of having Covid-19 under emergency law” – Charlie Duffield, i/JPIMedia Publications Ltd. (14 March 2020)




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