NEWS DIGEST 21.03.2020: HEMNA Blogging Community


From today, HEM News Agency will publish special news digests/bulletins detailing breaking news, events and happenings occurring on the day. These will be published alongside occasional news articles and our usual features and specials.

Today we will be covering updates from our HEM Bloggers List feed on Twitter (see it here).

Susanna Gebauer, a social media and blogging expert from Germany, gives advice to bloggers on how to market their sites and online businesses through the medium of social networks The 5 Most Important Social Networks for Marketing – And How to Get Started (The Social Ms)

Twitter user Minh Ngo has put out an appeal for people experienced in sewing and with an available sewing machine to hand to help make masks for healthcare workers in the fight against the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, as health services across the globe struggle to treat the infected with resources frayed by increased demand.

HEM Community member XenaBb7-Blogger tweeted an article on the passing away of country music legend Kenny Rogers who left this world at the age of 81 in his home in Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA from natural causes, according to the Guardian newspaper in the UK. Kenny Rogers, country music star, dies aged 81 (The Guardian). In another tweet, she shared an article from on US coronavirus tests taking up to a week to be processed as the Illinois department of public health confirmed a case in the state’s Winnebago county – link.

Technology blogger and activist Shakthi Vadakkepat introduced everyone to the world’s first insect-sized drone that can fly with the help of wireless signals as well as sharing a video on how nuclear power plants convert uranium into fuel for energy.

Sassy Brit, a UK-based book reviewer from shared today’s edition of her newsletter “Wildlife and Nature News!”, leading with the top story of a sparrowhawk being safely rescued from the St. Mildred’s Church in East Sussex county, England by the local Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service.

Lastly for today’s bulletin, wine fan and travel blogger Kelly Mitchell of Napa, California, United States, tweeted on the amusing news story of a duo of partying elephants in China that broke into a Yunnan province corn winery and smashed open vats of alcohol to guzzle before passing out at the scene – Elephants in China got drunk and passed out in a garden (Live Science).

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