NEWS DIGEST 05.04.2020: Sunbathers break COVID-19 lockdown rules in Britain


We bring you today’s News Digest with the help of Google News. As much of the UK experiences temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) with bright sunshine, the country’s health secretary, Matt Hancock, has expressed his shock at ‘unbelievable’ people who violated the COVID-19 lockdown to go out and enjoy the sun. Hancock told Sky News that sunbathing was not allowed as pictures emerged of people flocking to beaches to enjoy the warmest weekend so far of 2020, despite the government and health services insisting the public stay home. – Coronavirus: ‘Unbelievable’ people are breaking lockdown rules, says health secretary (Sky News)

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The Guardian further reported in their live blog of UK coronavirus news that Hancock has threatened to ban all outdoor exercise if people continue to use good weather as an excuse to break the rules regarding social distancing and self-isolation. In an earlier blog, the Health Secretary also said more will be done to supply frontline health workers, such as nurses, more PPE (protective equipment) as NHS employees complain of being under-resourced, even resorting to using plastic bin liner bags as equipment – UK coronavirus live news: Hancock says follow the rules or we’ll ban all exercise outside (The Guardian)

Returning back to Sky, its presenter Sophy Ridge announced today that the UK prime minister Boris Johnson is ‘doing okay’ after his recent diagnosis of novel coronavirus, but is still experiencing high body temperature, according to a live video of her show ‘Sophy Ridge on Sunday’ – Sophy Ridge on Sunday LIVE: PM ‘still has a temperature’ but is ‘doing okay’ after contracting COVID-19 (Sky News)

As the UK’s Labour Party announced the appointment of its new leader, Keir Starmer, the politician opened with a salvo against Boris Johnson, accusing him of making serious mistakes handling the coronavirus epidemic in Britain, reports the Daily Mail today – Sir Keir Starmer claims ‘serious mistakes’ have been made by Boris Johnson during the coronavirus crisis as the new Labour leader prepares to unveil his new look shadow cabinet (Mail Online – News)  Starmer has promised a ‘new look’ shadow cabinet, after the controversial tenure of previous incumbent Jeremy Corbyn who tried to return the party to its traditional socialist roots, but was considered divisive by many. Behind the scenes, BBC News said that Sir Keir would lead Labour into a ‘new era’. He won on the first round of party leadership voting, with more than 50% of ballots cast. He plans to meet with the prime minister to discuss the coronavirus crisis in the UK. – New Labour leader Keir Starmer vows to lead party into ‘new era’ (BBC News)



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