NEWS DIGEST 10.04.2020: UK MPs get more money, Sony launches new PS5 controller


This morning’s news bulletin special for Good Friday (public holiday in the UK) is made available courtesy of Facebook.

UK members of parliament are to receive an extra £10,000 each in expenses to cover the costs of themselves and their office staff working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, reported the Daily Mail paper. The extra injection of taxpayer funds was waived through by the parliamentary watchdog, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority despite critics fearing some politicians may abuse the privilege – MPs’ office expenses are hiked by £10,000 to cover ‘costs of working from home’ during coronavirus crisis (Mail Online)

RSPCA officers made a grim discovery in the Essex, England town of Grays a few days ago. Essex Live reported yesterday that the burnt and decomposed remains of a pony was found on Conways Road. The animal was in such poor state that officers were unable to tell what breed, colour or sex it was. The RSPCA is appealing for information to track down the culprits behind this despicable crime. – RSPCA appeal after dead pony set on fire and dumped in a ditch in Grays (Essex Live)

Sky News reports that the UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, who was recently admitted to hospital after contracting COVID-19 is now on the road to recovery. He is now ‘accesible’ and ‘mentally able to make decisions’ from his bed, his governmental team said. – Coronavirus: Boris Johnson ‘accessible’ and ‘mentally able to make decisions’ from hospital (Sky News)

In the US, Law Enforcement Today, a police force news site, reported the tragic death of Indianapolis officer Breann Leath, who was shot and killed during a domestic violence call. One suspect in the shootout, which also saw another person shot and injured, is now in police custody. – Officer Down: Female officer – a young mother – shot and killed trying to save woman’s life on a domestic violence call (Law Enforcement Today)

As Sony’s latest and fifth iteration of its renowned PlayStation gaming console makes waves across the world, the company’s European arm unveiled its new DualSense wireless controller, which is packed with revolutionary new features that will enhance players’ feeling of immersion in the titles they play, the manufacturer claims. – Introducing DualSense, the new wireless game controller for PlayStation 5 (PlayStation.Blog)

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