NEWS DIGEST 15.04.2020: Trump speaks up for the shale industry, while the US people demand virus tests


Today’s news comes via my own private Twitter account (you can follow me at @VShah1984). US President Donald Trump engaged in some of his trademark traditional self-promotion, tweeting an article from the Wall Street Journal where he was said to have used his diplomatic skills to protect his country’s shale producers. This past weekend, he brokered a deal between nation-members of the oil producing alliance OPEC to make cuts to global crude output – The Art of an Oil Deal (WSJ/Wall Street Journal). I do not support Trump or follow him on Twitter. The tweet mentioned above was retweeted by a follower of mine.

Staying in American politics, Democrat presidential rival, Joe Biden, tweeted a video of Americans talking about their inability to get tested for COVID-19 despite showing symptoms. Biden wrote: “I want Donald Trump to look these folks in the eye and explain to them why they or their loved ones haven’t been able to get tested for COVID-19. We’ve got to do better.”


Podcaster Bailey (B.W.) Carlin @BaileyCarlin has launched a new programme named Meme goofin’ with Bailey. In each episode, Carlin will interview one of his Twitter followers, chosen at random, to chat about memes, mental health and other hot topics. He has launched an appeal for people to get involved for the first episode, whose broadcast date has yet to be confirmed., an organisation that assists jobseekers, shared a link for those hoping to net the best careers in the sales sector, offering advice and guidance on how to sell themselves with a ‘super sales CV’, and what they need to include in their document to make it work and stand out – HOW TO SELL YOURSELF WITH A SUPER SALES CV (Social Hire)

CNN reported yesterday that US chief medical expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has cautioned against President Trump’s decision to ease restrictions during the coronavirus outbreak. In a TV interview with the news channel, he said the country would not be ready until May at the earliest, and that it does not have the capacity to test and trace new cases. – Fauci again cautions against Trump’s call to quickly reopen US, says ‘we’re not there yet’ (CNN politics)

Lastly, Indian writer and public speaker Prashant Patel Umrao @ippatel announced via Twitter that a MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) in the Gujarat city of Ahmedabad has been tested positive for coronavirus after having met several people recently, including senior politicians. The member, identified as Imran Khedavala is said to be belonging to the Congress party, one of the country’s most sizeable political organisations, which helped lead the country to independence in 1947. Khedavala has been hospitalised and people who came into contact with him are being urged to get tested.

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