NEWS DIGEST 16.04.2020: Thrillers, government monies and coronavirus dreams


This news bulletin is taken from the HEM News Agency Businesses list on Twitter, where businesses can post their latest news and announcements. Thriller author Seb Kirby @Seb_Kirby, from north-west England, announced the launch of his latest book, Take No More, part of his James Blake action series. The titular character discovers his wife deceased at their home in London. He is tagged as the prime suspect and must avoid prosecution while avenging her death and finding the true killer in a journey taking him across the breadth of Europe – Take No More (James Blake Thrillers Book 1) Kindle Edition (Amazon)

BIconnections, a Belgian technology networking firm, tweeted an article by 7wData about a new technological phenomenon combing artificial intelligence with the Internet of Things: AIoT. “AIoT in simple terms means to make the Internet of Things perform intelligence tasks with the help of integrating Artificial Intelligence.” says the post. It predicts that AIoT will become a boon for the business world as we become a more converged society with tech – AIoT: The powerful convergence of AI and the IoT (7wData)

Ofcom, the UK government agency which acts as a watchdog for the communications and postal sectors, has advised people struggling to pay their telecoms bills in the current climate to talk with their providers to help manage their payments, and released a handy online guide on their website – Unable to pay? (Ofcom)

Campus Reform, an American conservative-leaning academic advocacy, reports the story of Wyndham Lathem, a Northwestern University professor who specialised in pathogens. He was jailed in 2017 for murdering his then-boyfriend, and has now appealed for release saying that his expertise could be useful in the country’s fight against coronavirus, according to the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper – Former prof accused of murder tries to use his academic credentials to get out of jail (Campus Reform)

Returning back to the UK, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) announced help for self-employed and salaried workers who are limited in their working hours or finding work due to a sickness or disability. This will come in the form of a new financial aid, dubbed New Style Employment and Support Allowance. The level of payment affected people will receive will be dependent on their total years of employment or work and their level of government national insurance payments, which are compulsory for British workers – New Style Employment and Support Allowance ( The DWP at the same time also released a video online about the benefits on offer for people affected by the coronavirus outbreak, particularly those who have been furloughed or made redundant in the near-recession accompanying the pandemic.


Marketing advice site The Social Ms explodes sixteen blogging myths encountered by for-profit bloggers and those looking to monetise their existing blogs, myths which cause many of them to become jaded, bored and then give up on their blogs – 16 Disastrous Blogging Myths You Thought Were True (The Social Ms)

And finally for today, the World Economic Forum and Insider magazine has the answer for those who have been having the weirdest of dreams since COVID-19 hit the headlines and people’s social lives in one fell swoop. With the help of Michael Grandner, director of the University of Arizona’s sleep and health research programme, Insider reporter Anna Medaris Miller tries to get to the bottom of that strange dream she had about giving birth to a loaf of pumpernickel bread! – A sleep expert explains why you’re having such vivid dreams during the coronavirus pandemic (Insider/World Economic Forum)

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