NEWS DIGEST 17.04.2020: UK lockdown extension and new police quarantine guidelines issued


Today’s bulletin comes via Google News. Sky News reports that the British government has revealed the five conditions that need to occur before they lift the national lockdown put in place on March 23rd, 2020. These include seeing that health services can cope completely with the effects of the pandemic, a sustained reduction in the number of deaths, and that PPE and testing supplies are built up enough to tackle future resurgences of viruses – Coronavirus: Govt reveals five things that need to happen before lockdown is lifted (Sky News)

BBC News continues with the major announcement from Parliament yesterday that the coronavirus lockdown will continue for another three weeks, until May 7 at the earliest, as ministers feel the infection rate has not yet reduced to a satisfactory level. It comes as the UK recorded another 861 coronavirus deaths in hospital, taking the total to 13,729 – Coronavirus: UK lockdown extended for ‘at least’ three weeks (BBC News)

The Telegraph newspaper asks if the government will have a solid exit strategy for the lockdown as it worries about the impact restrictions are having on business and the economy – Does the Government have an exit plan or not? (The Telegraph)  Meanwhile, The Guardian offers its own viewpoint on the extension of the lockdown announced yesterday, saying that while safety of the nation comes first, the UK government will have to make serious decisions concerning the exit strategy, in other words, how the nation will get out of the curfew – The Guardian view on extending the lockdown: right call, but what next? (The Guardian)

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In the United States, the nation’s leader Donald Trump has agreed to defer pandemic management decisions to individual state governors, in particular when they will re-open their states and return back to normal operations. This strategy forms part of a three-part plan by the US coronavirus task force for gradually returning everyday life back to normal, such as re-opening businesses and allowing public events under social distancing guidelines – Donald Trump defers to governors in guidelines for reopening US amid pandemic (The Guardian)

Back in the UK, police forces have given more detailed guidance on what exactly the public can and cannot do while the nation is under quarantine.  The Mirror (Daily Mirror) has published a handy ‘lockdown checklist’ which gives the green light to people venturing out to buy alcohol, take brief rests while out walking, and newly, for people experiencing arguments at home to go stay at a friend’s home for a few days to ‘cool off’ – Lockdown checklist: Police list of ‘reasonable excuses’ to be outside in coronavirus crisis (Mirror)



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