NEWS DIGEST 22.04.2020: PPE troubles and emergency flights for UK’s NHS



Today’s news brought to you via Google News. A plane heading from Turkey with badly needed stocks of PPE (personal protective equipment) has now landed in the UK, The Guardian reports. The emergency supplies are currently being checked before distribution to NHS facilities, after the flight was held up for four days – Plane with PPE from Turkey has landed in UK, minister confirms (The Guardian)The plane was chartered by the British RAF (Royal Air Force) and arrived at RAF Brize Norton in the early hours of Wednesday morning. A quantity of 400,000 surgical gowns is expected to be among the supplies, and the RAF plans to fly over more planes to Turkey to stock up – Coronavirus: RAF plane lands in UK with PPE from Turkey (BBC News)

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The Guardian stated on Tuesday that the British government had missed out on a target to give sixteen million face masks to the NHS in one month, with medical suppliers in the country claiming the government did not reply to offers to help supply healthcare institutions during the coronavirus crisis. Nurses and other medical staff have found themselves running short of PPE and other equipment, with some being forced to use swimming goggles and bin liners as alternatives – Government misses out on 16m face masks for NHS in four weeks (The Guardian)

As the supply saga continues, and ministers at the UK department of health are left increasingly embarrassed and red-faced, the British military are said to be ‘appalled’ by planning fiascos over the NHS medical kit, according to The Times newspaper. Military personnel have also criticised the NHS for its unsatisfactory handling of PPE supplies. A senior army source lambasted the health service for its logistics for PPE, alleging that masks, aprons, gloves and other items were being assigned to hospitals without regard to relative need, leading to oversupply in some areas and shortages in others. The Army is helping with distribution of vital equipment to hospitals across seven special hubs, The Times said – Military appalled by planning fiasco over NHS protective kit (The Times)

NHS staff are to be offered tests from a new series of testing devices after it was found that their previous test cohort was not working properly, Sky News reports. Helen Whately, the social care minister, said to the news company, that the previous tests were ‘not up to scratch’. Britain has only used about half of its current testing capability, it was claimed – Coronavirus: NHS staff offered new COVID-19 tests after initial checks found to be flawed (Sky News)

UK prime minister Boris Johnson, who is recovering from coronavirus, has taken part in an official phone call with US president Donald Trump in which he gave a health update. Johnson told Trump that he is “feeling better and on the road to recovery” and is getting ready to resume duties while he recovers at a country retreat with his partner Carrie Symonds and their pet dog, the Daily Express paper reported – Boris Johnson gives major coronavirus update in latest call with Donald Trump (Express)

Lastly, a major news story from yesterday evening. US leader Donald Trump has signed off a ‘executive order’ banning all immigration into the country for the next sixty days. This includes all issues of the ‘green cards’ which help pave the way for citizenship, BBC News reported. While the coronavirus pandemic was cited as the main reason, Trump also said the controversial order was put in place to protect American jobs, as more than 22 million citizens are now out of work. Critics said the order was pointless as American visa services are currently suspended due to the virus, along with most foreign travel, and many say it is a distraction technique to divert attention away from the criticised American handling of their side of the epidemic fallout – Coronavirus: US green cards to be halted for 60 days, Trump says (BBC News)



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2 thoughts on “NEWS DIGEST 22.04.2020: PPE troubles and emergency flights for UK’s NHS

  1. The PPE continues to be in short supply here ( the USA) (not very “united”lately) well— sorry for all your people and especially, the medical personnel. Our government needs a leader— ours got lost in his own mind…For No.45 it is all about the upcoming election— not the pandemic! His mind (…and if he had a heart) is not where it should be! He is encouraging anarchy in this country, after giving the individual Governors blank check control of their individual state’s STAY/Home/ForYou&Me policy, he knifed them in the back, encouraging his political party’s base to protest their individual governor’s decisions. The result being the protestors are carrying assault weapons and even blocking medical personnel from going to work in the hospitals! The protestors are terminally ignorant! Our country is now battling two diseases: the pandemic and anarchy.

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