NEWS DIGEST 23.04.2020: Event and journal development in 5G/medtech



Today’s news digest comes courtesy of the official HEMNA organised “Informa Accounts” list located on Twitter; the latest goings-on from my day job employer. 5G World Series @5GWorldSeries, an event series by Informa Tech is gearing up for the Big 5G Event (powered by Light Reading). The event has a selection of passes on offer, including the Full Access, Two Day and Workshop-only Passes, as well as gratis passes for special audiences. The event will focus on the latest developments within the 5G telecoms industry and will take place at the Austin Convention Center in Texas this September – BOOK YOUR PASS TO ATTEND THE BIG 5G EVENT (Big 5G Event/Informa)

Informa Pharma Intelligence’s Medtech Insight news magazine covers an advice article by Glenn Snyder, principal medtech practice leader for Deloitte Consulting LLP, on how companies can make full use of telemedicine and other medtech streams to strategise in the post-COVID-19-pandemic era. The article comprises a quote by Snyder, plus information links – QUOTED. 23 April 2020. Glenn Snyder. (Medtech Insight/Informa)

Taylor and Francis’ Earth and Environment division announced this morning that one of its published papers, “Economic analysis of land based farming of salmon”, authored by Trond Bjørndal & Amalie Tusvik, was the winner of the 2019 Best Paper in Aquaculture Economics & Management. The winning paper is being offered free-of-charge for interested researchers until 31st May 2020 – Economic analysis of land based farming of salmon (Aquaculture Economics & Management/Taylor & Francis Online) . The same division also announced the publication of the journal “Recent Achievements in Rice Research in Africa” by Plant Production Science, which is a special issue focused on rice research in Africa from the aspect of breeding, cultivar improvement and cultivation to increase productivity. Rice is one of the major staple foods and cash crops in the continent and its development will prove invaluable economically – Recent Achievements in Rice Research in Africa (Taylor & Francis Group)

Primal Pictures launched a handy guide to how COVID-19 affects the human respiratory (breathing) system this morning. View the video to understand the different parts of the respiratory tract and how the novel coronavirus impacts on each one. The virus targets the lungs and is spread via coughing and sneezing – COVID-19 (Primal Pictures/Informa)

TechXLR8 @TechXLR8, the flagship event of London Tech Week, which takes place this September due to the pandemic, announced this morning that Louis-Victor Jadavji, co-founder and chief executive officer of AWS/SaaS business services firm Taloflow, has been selected as a finalist for the TechXLR8 Tech Leader of the Year award. Jadavji joins more than 30 other nominees vying for the top prize, which is being put up for public vote within the technology industry – TECH LEADER OF THE YEAR AWARD (TechXLR8/Informa)


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