NEWS DIGEST 25.04.2020: Mourning, questioning, and celebrating in the COVID-19 Lockdown



Today’s news comes via my own Twitter account at @VShah1984.  In the UK, the Labour MP (member of Parliament) for Slough in Berkshire county and Shadow Railways Minister, Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, has paid tribute to his grandmother, who passed away recently from coronavirus. Describing her as a “family matriarch, formidable personality and glue binding our family” he mourned the ‘travesty’ of not being able to attend her funeral due to social distancing rules. He also celebrated her ability to feed and guide her family and being ‘at the heart of things’.

Michael Ball OBE @mrmichaelball, who collaborated with 99-year-old NHS fundraiser and war veteran Capt. Tom Moore and the NHS Voices of Care Choir on the production of the chart topping song “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, congratulated the captain on Twitter yesterday. Ball wrote “IT’S NO. 1!!!! I can’t believe it @captaintommoore. You have done it sir. History has been made. You are No1 for your 100th birthday. I couldn’t be more proud, thrilled, excited and grateful.” Ball also thanked the public for their strong support in achieving the musical milestone.

On the island of Mauritius in East Africa, local politician and former prime minister Paul Bérenger criticised the country’s government from his home under confinement, saying that they were withholding information that could help Mauritians make the right decisions as the island tries to limit the spread of COVID-19. On a Facebook video he posted, Bérenger said: “The sooner we end containment, the better. But let it be done without danger for the population, with a well thought out and well prepared plan. We need more transparency and we need the government to give the information to which the public is entitled, on how the deconfinement is going to be done, with all the necessary precautions, and step by step, sector by sector.” Bérenger, who leads the left-wing Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM) also spoke of his disappointment at the level of tests being carried out on citizens for the virus and criticised the government’s handling of its work permit scheme designed to enable ordinary people to continue going to work during the nationwide quarantine – Paul Bérenger sur le déconfinement: «Le GM refuse de donner les renseignements dont a besoin la population pour une décision réfléchie» (

La Publicación/Grande Medios, a Spanish-language informational publication, posted an article on whether the humble egg is nutritious or unhealthy and how they should be stored. One day, people are being encouraged to eat eggs as part of a healthy diet, then they are told to avoid them due to their high-fat content. The article breaks the eggshell to get at the scientific facts regarding the health impacts of your breakfast omelette, and debates the difficulty of establishing a broad research consensus on the science of nutrition – Cómo evitar que las recomendaciones nutricionales nos confundan un huevo (Grande Medios)

Lastly, we return to the local stomping ground of Redbridge, where HEMNA is based, for the breaking news story as the local government body of Redbridge Council continues in encouraging residents to respect the lockdown. The council is advising people to ‘keep yourself safe and keep them safe’ by staying home in order to save lives. To help those who need more information on how to do just that, the council also distributed a link to the official central government webpage on lockdown guidance as ordered by parliament for Britain.

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