NEWS DIGEST 02.05.2020: Life & policing in the shadow of coronavirus


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Today’s news is brought to you via Facebook news feeds. The US president Donald Trump has said he will not be seeking to extend national social distancing guidelines as the country continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic. The guidelines expired this past Thursday. The president himself plans to begin official flights and hold his infamous mass rallies in the next few months as America gears up for the 2020 presidential elections – ‘I don’t want people to get used to this’: Trump says US will not extend coronavirus social distancing guidelines (ITV News)

Sky News reported on the arrest of a man in Coventry in England, Temisan Oritsejafor, who spat blood in the face of police officer PC Annie Napier while being detained outside some flats. He was charged with assault, and thankfully, PC Napier did not suffer any ill-effects from the attack by the 41-year-old thug – Coronavirus: ‘Vulgar’ man spits blood into shocked officer’s eye (Sky News)

Mauritius Paradise Catering Ltd, a Wood Green, London-based company specialising in catering of Mauritian and Chinese food in the north London area, has announced on Facebook that it will resume collections of order, and eventually begin home deliveries too, according to its marketing communications and customer relations manager, Kevin Lutchmiah. The company will start taking orders for dhal puri, a popular Mauritian unleavened bread snack as of this morning with a minimum order of ten pieces, Lutchmiah announced – Mauritians in UK

In New York, two days after a funeral for Rabbi Chaim Mertz, a victim of COVID-19, was held in the Hasidic neighbourhood of Brooklyn, local police have commenced heavy patrols to prevent any more violations of the city’s quarantining rules. Locals reacted by gathering in the streets and honking car horns as the police officers made their presence felt. One arrest was made. – Chaos unfolds amid heavy NYPD presence in Hasidic Jewish neighborhood (New York Post)

Northern Ireland’s Public Health Agency has published a blog post for parents to better manage their infant’s mental health during the lockdown. The advice included communication between parent and child and how to manage their own emotional and mental wellbeing – What is infant mental health and why does it matter so much during COVID-19? (HSC Public Health Agency)

Despite ongoing wrangling over Brexit, the UK said it wishes to avail itself of the EU’s pandemic warning system after its initial reluctance, the country’s Guardian newspaper reported. The British government is seeking “something akin to membership” of the EU’s early warning and response system (EWRS), a service that has recently proved vital to coordinating healthcare and viral mitigation efforts across the union, as part of ongoing negotiations – UK seeks access to EU health cooperation in light of coronavirus (The Guardian)

Finally, The Guardian also announced the unenviable accolade for the UK region most affected by coronavirus yesterday, with the honour going to the London Borough of Newham, in the eastern part of London. The region has recorded the worst mortality rate in England and Wales – 144.3 deaths per 100,000 people – according to figures published by the government’s Office for National Statistics. Newham is one of the poorest regions in the country, and the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted most on so-called deprived communities the most – ‘Every day I hear about a Covid-19 death’: life in the UK’s worst-affected area (The Guardian)




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