NEWS DIGEST 03.05.2020: UK PM’s struggle with COVID-19, Korea tensions and more



This morning’s News Digest comes via Google News. British prime minister Boris Johnson, who has recently returned to work after battling coronavirus and welcoming the birth of his baby boy, Wilfred, has revealed that at one point doctors thought he would die from the virus, tabloid paper The Sun reported. The politician told The Sun on Sunday that he was given ‘litres and litres of oxygen’ as his lungs fought against the disease. He added: “It was a tough old moment, I won’t deny it. They had a strategy to deal with a ‘death of Stalin’-type scenario.

“I was not in particularly brilliant shape and I was aware there were contingency plans in place.

“The doctors had all sorts of arrangements for what to do if things went badly wrong.

“They gave me a face mask so I got litres and litres of oxygen and for a long time I had that and the little nose jobbie.”

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Boris spent several days in intensive care at the St. Thomas’ Hospital in London. At one point he was hooked up to a ventilator with a drip fed into his windpipe – BORIS’ COVID HELL Boris Johnson reveals doctors prepared to announce his death as he battled coronavirus (The Sun)

Meanwhile, BBC News led with the recent announcement of Johnson’s and girlfriend Carrie Symonds’ new family member, whom they have named Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas. The names are a tribute to their grandfathers and two doctors who treated Mr Johnson while he was in hospital with coronavirus, according to an announcement made by the new mother on social media platform Instagram. Wilfred was born this past Wednesday – Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds name baby son Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas (BBC News)

The Telegraph newspaper reported that the UK government plans to re-open primary schools shut during the lockdown fully by June, as part of the official road map to lead Britain out of the pandemic lockdown. June the 1st will be the planned re-opening date, with teachers given three weeks’ notice to prepare to resume work – Primary schools to reopen in June as part of blueprint to ‘unlock’ Britain (The Telegraph)

The two Koreas, technically still at a state of war as no armistice was ever signed after the Fifties Korean War which split them, have reportedly exchanged gunfire at their heavily-guarded border, the BBC stated. Gunshots fired by North Korea at 07:41 (23:41 BST) hit a South Korean guard post in the central border town of Cheorwon, Seoul’s military said. No casualties were reported, but the South Korean armed forces responded in kind, firing back two rounds of gunfire, according to the country’s official military engagement protocol. It is not yet known what provoked the North Koreans to mount the attack on the border post – North and South Korea exchange gunfire at border (BBC News)

Back in the UK, Al Jazeera reported that the national coronavirus death toll has surged by 621 in the past twenty-four hours, with the total death toll now standing at more than 28,130, making Britain the second most affected nation in Europe, behind Italy, the news company stated. The UK government said 182,260 people have tested positive for COVID-19, up 4,806 on Friday – UK coronavirus death toll surges 621 in 24 hours (AlJazeera)

Current affairs magazine News Info Park has reported some of the latest world developments around the coronavirus crisis. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has jettisoned his investments in US airlines, saying that ‘the world has changed’ for the aviation industry. Global cases of the virus has now passed the three-million mark, with the death toll approaching 250,000. European governments has pledged to join forces to fund and source a cure for the virus as part of an international alliance fighting back. Video platform YouTube has deleted the account of British conspiracy theorist David Icke, who claimed on the website that 5G mobile technology was responsible for the spread of COVID-19. India has put all of its prisons on lockdown to contain the rampant spread of the virus among its imprisoned population, with lastly the news that in China, travel between the country’s cities and provinces has jumped by nearly fifty per cent as the country recovers from the virus which originated there – Coronavirus latest: at a glance (News Info Park)




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