NEWS DIGEST 10.05.2020: Badly-behaved pubs and prisoner swaps



Today’s news bulletin brought to you via the editor’s own Twitter account. A London public house has been criticised after hosting an event where local residents mixed together in violation of official anti-viral social distancing rules, news blog and HEMNA Community member Ace Newsroom Live reported this morning. The Plume of Feathers pub in Greenwich claimed it had respected guidelines, saying that special distancing markers were placed on the pavement outside the venue and that drinkers were only allowed to enter the building to use the bathroom facilities one at a time. Pubs are not meant to be open for business under the terms of the British lockdown – #Coronavirus Report: The Plume of Feathers in Greenwich has been criticised for organising an event for loca l residents, despite strict orders requiring pubs, bars and restaurants to close to prevent the spread of #c oronavirus. (Ace Newsroom Live)

The above’s sister blog #AceBreakingNews reported today that Iran is ready to exchange prisoners held in its territory with detained Iranian nationals in the United States. The announcement by the Islamic Republic was made yesterday via the Khabar online news agency and Reuters by Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei. Washington is yet to officially respond to Tehran’s overture of a prisoner swap – #Breaking144 – Iran is ready for a full prisoner exchange with the United States, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei was quoted as saying by Khabaronline news website on Sunday, adding that Washington has yet to respond to Iran’s call on a prisoner swap (#Breaking144)

Fortune reports on the newest naval carriers to arrive on the seven seas, completely powered by artificial intelligence. The Sea Hunter, a warship designed by the American defence tech firm and defence contractor Leidos, uses AI technology instead of a human crew and is a prototype of what could be a new class of autonomous warships for the U.S. Navy. The Sea Hunter has already undertaken its maiden voyage, a 4,000-mile trip to the naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawai’i – ‘A.I., Captain’: The Robotic Navy Ship of the Future (Fortune)

Inc. magazine says that ‘big tech’ companies are now encouraging the current worldwide of employees to stay at home longer, and have thrown out the office rulebook to make permanent work-from-home configurations a more permanent feature for their staff. Facebook and Google are said to be leading the way in this new paradigm of working – Big Tech Is Telling Employees to Stay Home Longer. Why You Should Too (Inc.)

Work With James, an online blogging-for-profit marketing website, published a post on how to avoid being scammed when trading in cryptocurrencies and which are the major crypto scams currently doing the runs in cyberspace – How To Avoid Being Scammed In Crypto Currency (Work With James)

The Washington Post newspaper reported yesterday that the American government allegedly turned down an offer by Prestige Ameritech, a Texas-based medical supplies manufacturer, to help manufacture millions of high-grade N95 face masks for use in hospitals and by the public during the coronavirus outbreak. The owner of Prestige, Michael Bowen, offered to help supply the masks but was rebuffed by the Department of Health and Human Services, the newspaper claims – In the early days of the pandemic, the U.S. government turned down an offer to manufacture millions of N95 masks in America (The Washington Post)

The island of Mauritius is in the process of passing the Covid-19 Bill, which will put in effect changes to current labour legislation in the republic, reports. Areas such as remote working, overtime policies and temporary and contract staffing quantities will be among the areas of law affected. Mauritians in employment will also be forced to lose fifteen days of their paid annual leave entitlement well into 2021, the website said. Trade unions however have voiced concerns and complaints against the government’s new employment proposals during the pandemic – Covid-19 Bill – 15 jours de congés payés de moins : Chuttoo et Imrith parlent de non-respect des travailleurs et déplorent le manque de consultation (

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