NEWS DIGEST 11.05.2020: Confusion over latest UK gov’t rules on lockdown


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This morning’s News Digest comes via Google News. As UK prime minister Boris Johnson announced some minor easing changes to the national lockdown yesterday evening, the Daily Mail reports that commuters have jampacked the underground system in London, as people previously unable to travel to their workplaces are now able to do so, provided they adhere to social distancing. Passengers crowded onto trains as confusion spread, despite home secretary Dominic Raab saying that the rule does not officially change until this Wednesday – Lockdown confusion as commuters crowd onto Tubes to return to work following Boris Johnson’s speech but Dominic Raab says they don’t need to go back until WEDNESDAY – and you can see BOTH your parents (Mail Online)

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The Manchester Evening News covered the reaction from the PM’s announcement in his televised speech that schools will begin to re-open from June for certain age groups. The newspaper said that parents would not be happy with the plans, and that many have reacted with ‘fury’. The general secretary of the National Education Union also branded the announcement as ‘reckless’. Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils will be the first to return in a phased re-opening of primary schools, with secondary school (high school) students possibly being allowed to have one-to-one meetings with their teachers before sitting final exams this September – ‘Good luck getting parents to agree to this!’ Reaction after Boris Johnson says he may begin to reopen primary schools in June (Manchester Evening News)

The Guardian paper ran an opinion piece that complimented Boris Johnson on his attire of a ‘smart suit [and] brushed hair’ but called his speech a shambles. The PM’s coronavirus lockdown address to the nation was called ‘vague’, divisive and confusing. Columnist John Crace wittily commented “Stay alert, watch out, there’s a Boris about” on a play on the UK Government’s new slogan of ‘Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives’ – Smart suit, brushed hair. It was just Boris Johnson’s speech that was a mess (The Guardian)

The Daily Express asked the burning questions of when life will return to normal after quarantine, chiefly among them being ‘when will pubs open?’. The article briefly covered keynotes from the speech yesterday but then asks when public houses will begin trading again. If you want to know the answer, the Express says that the earliest pubs will open will be in July, depending on infection rates – When will pubs reopen? (Express)

The Telegraph also pitched in on the rampant confusion over the UK government’s new lockdown ‘exit strategy’ after Dominic Raab announced that people will be able to see both their parents or step-parents at the same time, after initially stating they could only be seen once at a time. “If you’re two metres apart and use come commons sense you can meet you with other people,” he told BBC Breakfast. Asked if that could mean their “mum in the morning and their dad in the afternoon”, Mr Raab said as long as everyone was “outside, in the outdoors, yes”. But he subsequently told the Today programme you may even be able to meet both parents at the same time, as long as social distancing measures are observed.Live Politics latest news: Confusion over family lockdown rules as Raab says you can see both parents together (The Telegraph)

As part of the new strategy, visitors to the UK will be subject to a two-week quarantine procedure, with only those coming in from Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands being exempt. However, the BBC reported that people arriving from France will now also be on the ‘no quarantine’ list. UK airlines and the tourism industry have expressed concerns over the impact the new rule, as yet unimplemented, will have on business – Coronavirus: French arrivals exempt from UK quarantine plans (BBC News)

The Guardian covered the aftermath of the murder of jogger Ahmaud Arbery in Satilla Springs, Georgia, US by two racists. Ahmaud’s father, Marcus Arbery Sr, spoke with the newspaper, remembering his son as a fit and active man who enjoyed running, and said that he was in effect ‘lynched’ by father and son Gregory and Travis McMichael, who accused Ahmaud of being a burglar before shooting him twice – ‘They lynched him’: Ahmaud Arbery’s father on the killing of his son (The Guardian)




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