NEWS DIGEST 30.05.2020: Magic tricks and investment hacks



This morning’s digest comes from my personal Twitter account @VShah1984. Journalist and communications worker Timothy Burke @bubbaprog posted a video of the explosion of the SpaceX Starship test rocket that suffered a ‘rapid unplanned disassemblement’ yesterday, after it blew up in a spectacular and quite frankly scary explosion while undergoing a stress test at the space engineering firm’s Boca Chica facility in Texas, USA. NASA scientists said there was an ‘uncontrolled leak’, possibly of fuel or chemicals, and the rocket went everywhere but skywards.


Travelling entrepreneur Rohit Malhotra @rohitmal posted a link to a podcast by professional investor Sajid Rehman on how to invest in emerging markets as part of Malhotra’s broadcast series about venture capital on his site Life Self Mastery.  Today’s episode sees Rehman talk about his portfolio development and a new investment syndicate he has in the works – Sajid Rahman on investing in emerging markets (Life Self Mastery Podcast with Rohit Malhotra)

American magician’s academy The Magician’s Forum will be hosting a special training session today with magic professional Gracie Morgan, who will give her third lecture so far to the assembly. Morgan has been in the trade for half a century and has trained other magicians for 35 years. Today’s lecture, aimed at magicians both beginner and advance will deal with the sleight of hand in card tricks and will be held virtually for a small entrance fee – Magician Gracie Morgan gives 3rd magic lecture @MagiciansForum May 30th (Zucchinis Basics of Magic)

Protests over the killing of black American George Floyd, who was forcefully restrained by four now-fired police officers in the city of Minneapolis this past week, have occurred in several locations with buildings being set on fire and widespread reports of looting and police stations and vehicles being attacked. Atlanta’s AJC news media outlet reported that riots have broken out in the city, capital of Georgia state in the south of the country. A peaceful protest attracted the attention of rioters and police were called to quell the disturbances. Supermarkets were targeted and shots were fired late at the night, the website said – DEVELOPING: Protest turns into hours of chaos, violence in Atlanta (AJC)

Exchange-traded funds with energy exposure are picking up speed and have improved today following a decline in value yesterday, reports MarketWatch. Two named funds saw minimal drops of around half a per cent yesterday afternoon, but the superlative buoyancy of the energy sector has kept most funds in the States above water for today – Energy ETFs make up some ground in May, up nearly 8% (MarketWatch)

Blogger and author Chad Schimke re-released an article he originally published in June 2019 on what he considered to be the best science fiction movies of all time. Schimke voted in original groundbreaking sci-fi classics such as Metropolis (1927) and The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) right up to more recent blockbusters from this decade such as Arrival and Inception. Definitely worth a look-at if you are looking for something science-fictiony to wile away a evening in quarantine – TOP SCIENCE FICTION MOVIES (Author Chad Schimke)



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