NEWS DIGEST 13.06.2020: Books, automobiles and societal rumblings



This morning’s news is brought to you courtesy of my personal Twitter account @VShah1984. Religious service and educational establishment the Hindu Academy @hinduacademy has launched a series of free e-books in PDF format on the faith of Hinduism for schools, young people and devotees wanting to learn more about one of the world’s oldest religions. The academy is currently promotion two titles: Primary Hinduism, a primer, and Hinduism for Schools. Both books were written and edited by father and daughter team Jay and Seeta Lakhani – Hinduism E-Book (Hindu Academy)

Artificial intelligence website AI Daily talked about how the world of business has affected and shaped AI, with increasing numbers of companies looking to integrate the technology into their business practices and work environments. Many companies have also expressed an interest in the concept of ‘big data’ – How The Business World Effects AI (AI Daily)

Spanish info-magazine Grandes Medios/La Publicación @LaPublicacion in December 2019 went behind the scenes, and behind the wheel, with a special test drive of the new Peugeot 2008 SUV 2020 people carrier, in collaboration with car magazine They have released a video of their fun in this powerful beast of a motor – Prueba del Peugeot 2008 SUV 2020 (Grandes Medios)

Only In Boston  @OnlyInBOS, a hyperlocal community news service for the Massachusetts, US city of Boston, announced that city authorities have declared ‘systemic racism’ a public safety and health emergency in the light of ongoing protests about racial discrimination and equal rights heralded by the racist killing of George Floyd two weeks ago. The mayor’s office released a statement which also stated that the city’s police force will be defunded, with USD $3 million of their budget being diverted to the Public Health Commission to fund programmes fighting the negative impact of racism on Bostonians’ health.


A Democrat politician in the US state of Georgia is putting forward a bill that will make it a criminal offence in the state to target anyone supporting the country’s president Donald Trump, according to a website belonging to The David J. Harris Jr. Show, an African-American conservative-leaning radio programme. Representative Vernon Jones, who despite his political allegiance is described as a supporter of the controversial former hotel magnate, has proposed that violators who target Trump supporters should receive at least six months’ imprisonment if convicted. Jones and other Georgian black conservatives have rallied around the president due to alleged measures he has taken including disbursing funds to historically-black universities to prevent them from closing down during the pandemic – Georgia Democratic Rep To Introduce Bill Classifying Attacks On Trump Supporters As A Hate Crime (The David J. Harris Jr. Show)

NU Property Casualty 360, an American insurance news portal, reported that the coronavirus pandemic paralysing the country has led to an increase in reports of cybercrimes directly relating to the pandemic being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In the period up to March 2020, the FBI investigated more than 1,200 complaints. Much of the increase is due to ’email compromise schemes’ where hackers use phishing emails or insert themselves into legitimate email communications chains to commit fraud and steal information. The increase has been attributed to more office employees working from home during the country’s lockdown, a problem mirrored in many other nations worldwide – The rapid increase in pandemic-related cybersecurity claims (NU Property Casualty 360)

Indonesia’s Jakarta Post reported that parts of the Chinese capital Beijing have been placed on new lockdowns after the appearance of fresh coronavirus clusters. Eleven residential estates in the southern neighbourhood of Fengtai were sealed off by local police after a rash of new cases blamed on food being sold at the nearby Xinfadi meat market – Parts of Beijing locked down due to fresh virus cluster (Jakarta Post)

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