NEWS DIGEST 14.06.2020: How to tackle coronavirus infection and be a top app promoter in one go



Today’s news coverage comes from our official HEMNA Twitter feed. Bloomberg examines the experience of a slum in India and how its inhabitants coped with the COVID-19 crisis that has gripped the world in recent months. The Dharavi neighbourhood of Mumbai, the world’s largest and Asia’s densest informal housing settlement, had authorities there engage in massive screening of residents and the setting up of fever clinics to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Fresh daily infections are now down to a third in comparison with those in May, and in Bloomberg journalist Dhwani Pandya’s own words, the Dharavi slum has turned from ‘coronavirus hotspot to potential success story’ in how developing nations can engage in viral infection control in crowded cities – How Densest Asia Slum Chased the Virus Has Lesson for Others (Bloomberg)

A Spaniard of British origin has been hailed a hero after saving the life of a local woman after she tried to take her own life by jumping off a bridge in the resort town of Marbella, local English-language newspaper The Olive Press reported. Reace John was travelling to a gym workout when he spotted the would-be jumper being held back from certain death by a passer-by. He managed to stop her from letting go until police came. – Exclusive: British Expat on Spain’s Costa del Sol Saves Woman’s Life After She Tried to Jump Off Bridge (The Olive Press)

Albert Wenger, the author of the book “World After Capital”, has claimed that cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them will revolutionise ‘big tech’ and usher in the transition of our world from industrial to ‘knowledge’ societies, CryptoSlate reports. Much of this change, Wenger said, will not come from major companies but from smaller businesses, such as crypto startups. Wenger also said in his presentation at the recent Mainnet 2020 conference that humankind has evolved from having food as its most prized asset to living in a world where one of the most important resources in the industry is awareness – Prominent VC and author: Crypto and blockchain will disrupt Big Tech (CryptoSlate)

Mobile technology marketing firm AppTime discussed two months ago today on what are the right marketing skills people in the industry need to help promote new mobile-based apps. These include having a good handle on graphic design, copywriting and taking on board a knowledgeable and talented social media specialist –

In the run-off polls for the 2020 American presidential elections in the state of Iowa, the state Democrat candidate Theresa Greenfield is in a 3-point lead over Republican rival Joni Ernst is what has been considered a hotly-contested race of the prime position of Iowa’s state senator. According to a recent poll, 46 per cent of likely voters say they would back Greenfield if the election were held today, and 43 per cent say they would vote for Ernst – Iowa Poll: Theresa Greenfield leads Joni Ernst in tight race for U.S. Senate (Des Moines Register)

Blogger from Romania and HEMNA Community member Ileana has published her latest post on her site ღ♪ Odăița Mea Virtuală ღ♪ entitled ‘Tu N-ai Să Știi!’ (You Won’t Know!). The latest poem from her online collection deals with the pain of longing romantically for an absent and lost lover, and pining for their forgiveness in being taken for granted – Tu N-ai Să Știi!✍ (ღ♪ Odăița Mea Virtuală ღ♪)

The US Attorney’s office for the Northern District of Texas announced yesterday that a local bodybuilding enthusiast has been charged with conspiracy to sell steroids. Philip Russell Archibald, 29, of Lancaster, along with an accomplice, has been indicted for selling controlled substances in a supply network stretching across the north of Texas state. In March of last year, Archibald was found in possession of USD $900 of steroid tablets which he tried to sell to an undercover police officer. In June 2020, his home was raided and agents uncovered steroids and multiple firearms, according to the prosecution at his trial – Texas Bodybuilder Charged with Conspiracy to Sell Steroids (Department of Justice U.S. Attorney’s Office Northern District of Texas)

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