NEWS DIGEST 27.06.2020: Stanley Gibbons stamp shop to reopen, other stories


Today’s News Digest is brought to you from my personal Twitter account @VShah1984. World famous stamp collectors shop Stanley Gibbons @StanleyGibbons, based in the heart of London, has announced via Twitter that it will be re-opening its newly refurbished store this coming Monday. The company, founded in 1856 by Edward Stanley Gibbons and situated in Covent Garden, will unveil brand-new exhibits of postage and revenue stamps, as well as client rooms and a space for stamp auctions.

US News, via news blog #AceBreakingNews, reports that the government of Greece is planning to sue the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis following a trial over bribery allegations involving the firm in the United States. Novartis was found culpable in making ‘improper payments’ to healthcare providers in South Korea, Vietnam, and Greece to boost sales of its drugs against competition and fair trade regulations. The bribery allegations triggered a major political dispute in Greece over the potential involvement of senior politicians.

#Breaking144 – Greece’s government says it is planning to seek damages from Swiss drugmaker Novartis following a settlement in the United States over bribery allegations US News report (#AceBreakingNews)

Greece Mulls Damages Claim Over Drugmaker Bribe Scandal (U.S. News and World Report)

Officials representing the European Union are increasingly seeing the People’s Republic of China as more of a rival than a partner according to political news magazine Foreign Policy. Strasbourg has become increasingly exasperated at what it sees as China’s lately heavy-handed approach to its economy and human rights matters. The EU bloc is one of China’s major trading partners, but the relationship is increasingly being placed under strain as the Chinese are reluctant to make changes in how they trade and do business – How Europe Fell Out of Love With China (FP)

Across the Taiwan Strait, the ‘renegade province’ formerly known as Formosa has a better week as it was voted top adventure destination by holiday magazine Global Traveler. Taiwan has claimed three awards in the 2020 Leisure Lifestyle Award held by the magazine and was also lauded for its proficient handling of the coronavirus epidemic. Taiwan is looking to capitalise on its touristic offerings of hiking, cycling, mountaineering, surfing, and diving and woo back international travellers put off by the COVID-19 pandemic, which began in Asia – Taiwan recognized as top adventure destination by Global Traveler (Taiwan News)

The New York Times has published American intelligence allegations claiming that Russia offered Afghan militants bounties to slaughter American troops stationed in the restive South Asian country. This was said to have occurred despite recent peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, erstwhile fundamentalist rulers of the country and now a terrorist group frequently carrying out bomb attacks, often targeting the US and allied troops stationed in Afghanistan – Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says (The New York Times)

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