NEWS DIGEST 28.06.2020: Pinterest and the virus


This morning’s article is drawn from contributions to HEM News Agency’s own HEM Bloggers List. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a national public health institute and federal government body in the United States, has confirmed that America has had an extremely low death rate from the COVID-19 virus in comparison to other causes of mortality, with a going figure of 0.26 per cent projection, according to Technocracy News & Trends.

CDC Confirms Extremely Low COVID-19 Death Rate (MOMENTARY LAPSE OF SANITY)

CDC Confirms Extremely Low COVID-19 Death Rate (Technocracy News & Trends)

German blog (formerly TheoLounge) brings a delightful helping of traditional church organ music for Christians unable to attend their places of worship on the Holy Sabbath today. On their post, you can find three videos of different German church musical pieces, including “Vergiß nicht zu danken dem ewigen Herrn” (Don’t forget to thank the Eternal Lord) Kirchenmusik zum Sonntag (

Social marketing blog The Social Ms, run by the German Gebrauer siblings, tells its readers eleven facts and statistics about the picture sharing and scrapbooking website Pinterest they probably never knew before. Did you know that Pinterest has a total of 75 billion pins up to September 2016, and 175 million users are active on the website every month. The article also delves into useful Pinterest facts especially geared towards social media marketers – 11 Facts And Statistics You Didn’t Know About Pinterest (The Social Ms)

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced via Twitter this past Friday that a suspect has been arrested after two people were killed in a neighbour dispute in the city. Andrew Cole, aged 36, was detained after calling police and admitting he had shot dead two of his neighbours in the 4400 block of Mossy Rock Court. Cole is said to have had a verbal dispute with one of the neighbours and later stepped outside his property, confronting them with a shotgun before murdering them both, according to a LVMPD statement released to the media – Neighbor dispute leaves two dead, suspect arrested (LVMPD/Twitter)

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley, has warned his rivals in the Democratic party that American voters are ‘tired of cancel culture and the woke mob’ in the light of the coronavirus pandemic and ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, which could cost the Democrats (and possibly the Republicans, too) dearly in the upcoming 2020 presidential elections, according to news footage posted by Fox News this past Thursday.

Sen. Josh Hawley says Democrats will learn that Americans are tired of cancel culture and the woke mob (MOMENTARY LAPSE OF SANITY)

Sen. Josh Hawley says Democrats will learn that Americans are tired of cancel culture and the woke mob (Fox News Channel/Yahoo! News)

Conflicts News Worldwide (CNW) reports that the worldwide count of people infected by the COVID-19 coronavirus has now reached ten million. The official international death toll is stated as 498,954 people as of yesterday – Over 10 million Coronavirus cases have now been reported worldwide. (CNW)

HEMNA Community member Momentary Lapse of Sanity reported the ongoing missing person’s case of 81-year-old American Earsie Lee Richardson, who disappeared from the town of Evergreen in Alabama state. She was last seen in the area of Long View Road in the town. She is of African American heritage, with black hair and brown eyes and anyone who sees her is advised to call the Conecuh County Sheriff’s Office on +1 251 578 1260 – EARSIE LEE RICHARDSON AGE: 81 Missing from Evergreen, Alabama. (MOMENTARY LAPSE OF SANITY)

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