NEWS DIGEST 05.07.2020: Corona lockdowns keep on rolling


Today’s news comes via Facebook. Spain is experiencing a sudden rise in cases of the coronavirus, forcing the country to put 200,000 people in the region of Catalonia under renewed lockdown, Sky News reports. The local lockdown affects the city of Lleida and its surrounding, largely agricultural, county of Segria after a jump in the number of infections there. Residents have been banned from leaving the county, but can still largely go around as normal – Coronavirus: Spain puts 200,000 people in Catalonia back into lockdown as cases rise (Sky News)

American singer, rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West has revealed in a tweet that he plans to enter the race for president this year, said KTLA. The musician was castigated in the past for experiencing support for current president Donald Trump. Despite the announcement however, West has not yet formally registered his intention to run for office with the US Federal Elections Commission – Kanye West tweets that he’s running for president (KTLA5)

OTHERWORLD, a bar-arcade in London which is renowned for its immersive virtual reality experiences, announced that it has now re-opened following the British government’s easing of the lockdown in the bar’s home country of England. As per regulations required to be observed by re-opened entertainment and drinks venues, OTHERWORLD has invited punters to book slots on their website – OTHERWORLD reopens on July 4th. (OTHERWORLD/Facebook)


Due to concerns around maintaining social distancing, the governing body for Welsh railways, Transport for Wales, has ordered all train stations with shorter-than-average length platforms to temporarily close for the sake of passenger safety. Services will no longer stop at Llanfairpwll and Valley on Anglesey, Conwy, Gilfach Fargoed in Caerphilly county or Sugar Loaf in Powys. Some stations on the English side of the border will also be affected – Coronavirus: Transport for Wales closes stations with short platforms (BBC News)

London police have been accused of heavy-handed tactics after smashing the window of a driver’s car after he was pulled over, ironically as he was coming back from a media interview on the subject of police racism. Ryan Colaço, a film location scout, was stopped near Cannon Street tube station in central London, in May, and was accused of carrying drugs, despite having never dabbled in them. He was summarily arrested and was handled roughly by officers, who also forced him to walk five miles to collect his vehicle, which still had broken glass scattered about inside – Police smash car window of man on way home from TV interview about police racism (The Guardian)

The Sunday Times might have a helpful solution for those trying to battle the lockdown pounds and quarantine kilos that being stuck at home and snacking on anything within walking distance. Experts have been asked to give advice on how to get rid of lockdown belly fat and lose weight, as it was revealed that nearly half of the population have gained weight since the beginning of the UK lockdown in late March this year – Lockdown belly? How to lose weight and belly fat to shrink your waistline (The Sunday Times)

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