NEWS DIGEST 12.07.2020: This weekend’s world coronavirus stories


Today’s bulletin comes courtesy of our Twitter-oriented ‘HEM Newsbreakers’ list. Indian Bollywood actor Amit Sadh, star of web series Breathe Into The Shadows, has gone in for coronavirus testing after his co-star Abhishek Bachchan came out positive, the Hindustan Times reported. Bachchan’s father, Bollywood stalwart Amitabh has also recently tested positive, the newspaper said, with Sadh reassuring his fans that he was feeling ‘perfectly fine’ – Abhishek Bachchan’s Breathe co-star Amit Sadh to get tested for Covid-19, assures fans he feels fine (Hindustan Times)

A Scottish pilot who became Vietnam’s most badly affected known case of COVID-19 and remained in hospital for 65 days has been flown home, Scot newspaper the Daily Record reported. Stephen ­Cameron, who worked for Vietnam Airlines, tested positive in March and wound up at Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, where he was put in intensive care on a life support machine. He was taken to Hanoi’s international airport after he managed to recover, and is now much healthier – Scots pilot who spent 47 days in coma battling Covid-19 flies home from Vietnam hospital (Daily Record)

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Britain’s Daily Express paper writes that the current worldwide coronavirus epidemic has been good to one thing at least: fans of films themed on apocalypses. An international study by researchers afilmt University of Chicago, Pennsylvania State University and Aarhus University found that fans of world-ending films and the ‘morbidly curious’ were better able to cope with the outcomes of the pandemic mentally and emotionally. Psychologist Coltan Scrivner from the University of Chicago told they had found those who enjoy these films may have “an adaptive predisposition [to] learning about the dangerous and disgusting aspects of a threat.” He said: “We found people who had watched or considered themselves fans of horror films, experienced less psychological distress during the pandemic”Coronavirus APOCALYPSE: World-ending film fans ‘cope better with COVID-19 pandemic’ (Express)

The Telegraph revealed that many female comedians keep blacklists of predatory male fans on the messaging service WhatsApp and that it was now time for the women comedian community to have its own ‘#MeToo’ movement to combat sexism within the stand-up world. Comedian Stevie Martin, who wrote the piece, alleged that there are accusations in her entertainment industry waiting to be made public – Female comedians have a WhatsApp blacklist of predatory men. It’s time for our MeToo moment (The Telegraph)

Brazilian former footballer Ronaldinho and his brother, who were arrested in Paraguay earlier this year for travelling into the country with fake documents, has lost his appeal to be freed from house arrest, the UAE’s Khaleej Times reports. The 40-year-old and his older sibling Roberto Assis spent more than a month in prison for allegedly entering the South American country with fake passports. He has since then been detained at the Palmaroga Hotel in capital Asuncion awaiting trial in six months – Ronaldinho loses appeal for release from house arrest (Khaleej Times Football)

SAS markman Andy McNab, who killed an IRA senior operative at the age of 19, said that he was rewarded with a holiday, and said that members of his unit were incentivised by higher-ups in the Special Air Services to target and vanquish top targets in the proscribed organisation, the Daily Star alleged. In June 1979 during the height of the Northern Ireland Troubles, his patrol stumbled across six IRA soldiers who were believed to be preparing for an ambush in Keady, South Armagh. A gunfight ensued in which Andy shot IRA member Peadar McElvenna. McElvenna later died from his injuries . McNab said that unit members were told that if they targeted and killed certain high-ranking IRA members, they would be rewarded with two weeks of annual leave – SAS legend Andy McNab was ‘rewarded with holiday’ after killing IRA suspect at 19 (Daily Star)

BuzzFeed UK dishes out the dirt (almost literally) on how the vegetable known as  asparagus is grown for its special Soilful Sundays initiative. Apparently asparagus sticks do not grow off of trees or in tidy little bunches, but each stick grows separately out of the soil like zombies emerging from graves. So now you know – The Way Asparagus Grows Is Off-Putting And I Want You To See It (BuzzFeed)

An Italian nurse working at the coronavirus treatment facility at a hospital in Cremona has spoken out against repeated abuse from the public and people assuming that the pandemic in Italy is now over after he posted a selfie dressed in full PPE, reports Corriere della Sera. Luca Alini spoke out after he and colleagues were abused by people on Facebook after urging readers to respect social distancing guidelines when he published the photo. Shocked by the abuse, Alini said that he was still dealing with new cases of coronavirus infections – Covid Cremona, riapre la terapia intensiva dopo tre settimane. Attacchi all’infermiere dopo lo sfogo su Fb (e lui nasconde il post) (Corriere della Sera)



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