NEWS DIGEST 01.08.2020: A jazz cup-full of hot viral news


On the occasion of the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Adha, we bring you today’s News Digest courtesy of Facebook. Eid Mubarak/Happy Eid everyone!!. Yesterday in the UK saw the country experience its hottest day so far this year and indeed in recent years, with temperatures of 37 degrees Celsius reported here in Seven Kings, Ilford. The highest reading was made in the Heathrow area at 37.8 degrees Celsius (100 deg. Fahrenheit), as Britons flocked to parks and beaches in their thousand. Many sadly disregarded social distancing rules as beaches were packed to breaking point. The Met Office tweeted that Friday has been the “hottest day of the year by some way”. Such highs have only been recorded three times before. The hot weather will be short-lived though, as thunderstorms are expected to arrive in the UK in the next few days or hours – UK weather: It’s the hottest day – temperatures soar to 37.8C in Heathrow as people flock to beaches (Sky News)

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Former leader of the UK’s centre-left Labour Party and member of parliament for Islington North, Jeremy Corbyn was spotted helping out at a food bank in his constituency’s Caledonian Road area this past Wednesday. The politician visited the charity initiative, run by Light Project International, which is assisting residents of the neighbouring Bemerton Estate who are struggling with paying for food. Corbyn, who was accompanied on his visit by councillors Sara Hyde and Michelline Ngongo, said: “The Light Project is a fantastic project and they have been running a food bank since Covid began, and I have enjoyed helping here this morning giving food to people who clearly desperately need it.”. He was pictured helping with the distribution of food parcels to local residents – Jeremy Corbyn pitches in at an Islington food bank (Islington Gazette)

Internet sleuths have found the answer to one of life’s most pressing mysteries: who exactly designed the ‘jazz cup’ – a type of disposable drinking vessel with two blue crayon-like strokes around its middle – which was an icon in 1990s America. A question on a graphic design forum on community website Reddit saw contributors trawl for clues over Google, and eventually discovered the designer was an employee of a Missouri-based firm, Sweetheart, who is known as Gina Ekkis, who created her iconic design in 1991, when it was known simply as the ‘Jazz design’ – Designer behind that iconic ’90s jazz cup pattern finally revealed (daily dot)

The government of the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius has banned the country’s artists from holding public concerts in order to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, reported a news website magazine connected to popular radio station Top FM. Clarel Armel, a singer from Mauritius’ séga tradition, said he had applied for permission to perform his songs at a concert on the island from the Ministry of Arts and Culture, who gave him the go-ahead for an event in early August this year. However Armel later received an email from the Ministry of Health explaining that the authorisation had been revoked, even though other types of gatherings are still permitted under an eased lockdown there – Culture : les artistes pas autorisés à donner des concerts en raison de la pandémie du Coronavirus (Top FM)

Craig Whittaker, a British politician from the country’s Conservative party, has been condemned as racist after he appeared on a radio show claiming that ethnic minorities and immigrants were responsible for a recent wave of new coronavirus cases in the country, national newspaper The Independent reported. The MP, who represents Calder Valley constituency in north England, made the outrageous comments while attending a phone-in on politics radio outlet LBC. He accused ethnic minority people of flouting social distancing rules and encouraging the spread of the virus by living in overcrowded conditions. Critics called Whittaker’s assertions racist and based on misinformation and demanded an apology from him – England lockdown: Tory MP blames ethnic minorities and immigrants for new coronavirus outbreak (The Independent)



Fabio Partenheimer/Pexels.

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